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An amusing comparison

Posted by Lissa on June 25, 2009

If all kids should have sex ed in elementary school . . .

Because we all know that kids without sex education are at risk for dangerous sexual practices . . .

Like the idea that you can’t get pregnant if you have sex with your shoes on . . .

And you can’t trust parents to properly educate their kids about the birds and the bees at home . . .

AND guns are dangerous, dangerous, dangerous objects that children and teenagers frequently use against themselves rather than against intruders or goblins . . .

Then shouldn’t every elementary school have mandatory gun safety classes?


2 Responses to “An amusing comparison”

  1. Brad K. said

    One observation struck me as incredibly biased, and yet powerful.

    Mass shootings only happen in gun-free zones. The Nebraska shopping mall? Columbine? Various college campuses over the years? Check.

    I don’t want anyone creating more gun-free zones (i.e. mass-shooting invitation zones) around me.

    Marksmanship and basic rifle handling used to be part of school curricula and scouting programs. So we have historical evidence that at least long gun training can benefit people.

    I still laugh about a FoxTrot cartoon from 19 years ago or so. Kid sitting at the kitchen table, textbook open, doing homework. “Some of the parents are protesting teaching sex ed at school. They are afraid if we learn about sex, we will all go out and ‘do’ it. It hasn’t worked that way with Math.”

    We teach sex ed, have sexually explicit materials at home and on mass media, and too many pregnant teens for local programs to take in. We teach drivers ed, and still cars are deadly to all too many teens. We made beer and tobacco makers pay for advertising to keep kids from buying beer and cigarettes – and still we have kids with “the habit.” It would be a tough sell to claim that teaching gun safety would improve matters, or just train gang-bangers and loners.

    Unless, of course, you accompany the program with concealed and open carry laws in the community. An armed society is a polite society. And you would have to start with school administration and teachers that understand and respect firearms (heck, just respect for civil rights and personal responsibility) – something that doesn’t seem to shine in my community’s schools.

  2. I’ve always been for it. Eddie Eagle for Elementary school, Jeff Cooper 4 rules for Middle School and up. Don’t even need GUNS to teach this (tho a Blue Gun might be a good idea)

    Certainly would cut non-criminal children gun deaths down to next-to-nothing.

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