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Diversity – ur doin it rong

Posted by Lissa on June 19, 2009

Worried about accurately projecting your city’s reputation as an oasis of multiculturalism?  Simple! 

Step one: Take generic stock photo of attractive non-white family

Step two: Photoshop in one melatoninmelanin-enriched (thank you Brad) member and change the background

Voila!  You now have a leering father sprouting from his son’s forehead and staring at the mother’s boobs, along with a semi-decapitated toddler.  Who wouldn’t want to go to such a great city?


Toronto: We’ll turn your children to mutant aliens and your men to lascivious smirkers.  You can’t wait!

2 Responses to “Diversity – ur doin it rong”

  1. Brad K. said

    I believe melatonin is a hormone, often an herbal remedy, taken before bedtime to enhance sleep and reduce the body’s tendency to create urine at night.

    Melanin, now, according to WikiPedia.com: . . . human skin color can range from almost black (due to very high concentrations of the dark brown pigment melanin) to nearly colorless . . .

    Not to pick nits, but I happen to be taking melatonin, as is often recommended for older people, like, over 30. Crap. I should have been taking this stuff 25 years ago. It turns out the body makes less as you get older – or if you leave the light on (tv?) when you sleep. Melatonin also seems to help moderate high blood pressure, especially in women, without harsh drug interactions.

    My family doctor back in Arizona, when I mentioned melatonin, claimed he was starting to take it, he hoped he would be less pissed off during daily morning rounds. The HMO sold out the next week, so I never heard how it worked out for him.

    [Oy! Thank you Brad. Oopsie 🙂 — Lissa]

  2. Borepatch said

    You say “lascivious smirkers” like it’s a bad thing or something.

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