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Overcoming instinctual dislike

Posted by Lissa on June 18, 2009

I’m of the opinion that women can be meaner, nastier, cruder, harsher and more evil to other women than male misogynists could ever hope to emulate.  It’s no surprise to me, therefore, that some women dislike Palin because she’s beautiful and successful and holds a traditionally male-dominated political viewpoint.  Credit to Julia O’Malley for recognizing the feeling for what it is:

Sure, some of us don’t like Palin’s politics, but we should pay attention to what else is going on. I laughed a little when I watched Letterman’s jokes. It wasn’t because they were funny. It was because they were mean. And somehow watching someone be mean to America’s Hottest Governor felt good. And, that wasn’t feminist at all.

The fact is, even with the pumps and the winking, she didn’t deserve it. Maybe Palin is an opportunist, maybe she’s a drama queen, maybe she’s using a feminist argument to make political hay, but in this case her underlying point is right on. Letterman was gross and out of line, no matter which daughter he was talking about. Making Letterman apologize was a win for her and for women everywhere.

There are plenty of reasons to disagree with Palin, and there might even been some reasons to dislike her.

But hotness shouldn’t be one of them.

It took some thinking on her part to overcome her first reaction, which was pretty much “She wore sexy heels and played up her hotness, so she deserved it.”  And I think it’s great that she did.

But honestly, the whole “she played off her hotness to gain points politically, so she deserves to be lampooned as a sex bunny” thing is ridiculous.  As I recall, Palin wasn’t the one parading around in her swimsuit for paparazzi so that reporters could gush about her glistening . . . er . . . pecs. 

(h/t Hot Air headlines)

One Response to “Overcoming instinctual dislike”

  1. Brad K. said

    Huh. And I was thinking Gov. Sarah Palin looked dowdy . . . and competent. Her accent is kinda cute – maybe Canadian influence? But I don’t know about ‘hot’.

    Now, I do understand that the Democratic party is used to using character assassination as a regular part of campaigning – the organized labor unions wouldn’t have it any other way. Democrats stir hate against the people they oppose (just ask Rush Limbaugh), while Republicans mostly stir anger over what an opponent *does*.

    Remember when Grandy, “Gopher” from the TV show “The Loveboat”, was governor of Iowa? Both Grandy and Iowa seem to remember those days with satisfaction. All Palin has done, was have the audacity to hope for a change. So Democrats virulently hate her.

    I don’t see this as a “hotness” issue – it is about Democratic Party sleaze and propaganda.

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