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Random thoughts

Posted by Lissa on June 17, 2009

Too much junk floating around in my head for any coherent posting, so here’s a smorgasbord of mine and other people’s thoughts:

– I am tremulously awaiting what I think will be massive bloodshed in Iran.  I have nothing but admiration for the protestors’ bravery, but I rather expect a massive and violent crackdown any day.

– “Fun fact: Whereas The One was “shocked and outraged” by the murder of George Tiller, the most he can muster here for mass beatings and cold-blooded killings across Iran is that he’s “troubled.” Make of it what you will.”

ABC is moving into the Blue Room.  Isn’t it funny that lots of folks still think the MSM skews conservative?  Because, y’know, that evil Faux News broadcasted directly from the White House and their reporters actually bowed to Bush and . . . wait, that didn’t happen?  Oh.  Huh.

– Ensign chided other people for having extramarital affairs and then had an extramarital affair.  Goforth sent out a racist email and — bonus! — was too stupid to apologize.    Way to go rebranding the GOP, you charming Republicans, you!  Go forth, and sin no more . . . or at least stop being such ridiculous wankers.  KTHXBYE.

– It’s probably far overdue that I post these.  Maybe I should put them up once a month on a regular basis.

Good thing we had that recovery plan CBO Projected Deficits March 09

Palate cleanser (in a manner of speaking): “Whenever I feel nauseous and want to make myself throw up, I imagine having to do a three-way with Billy Mays and the ShamWow guy.”  That made me LOL, it did.

– Who says a career in education doesn’t pay off?  J Derb highlights three school district soon-to-be retirees who will pull down pensions upwards of $19,000.  PER MONTH. 

EVERYONE guessed wrong about the effect of the stimulus.  EVERYONE. . . . except for House Republicans, Pence, economists, and just about every non-statist blogger out there, that is . . .

Don’t you dare take your boy for a Harley ride, Jay G!  That could be DANGEROUS!  Y’know, like taking them on an airplane, or in a car, or for a walk, or playing football.  Or – GASP! – teaching ‘em to shoot guns!!  Come to think of it, I’m shocked there aren’t yet laws about minors touching firearms.  After all, minors aren’t allowed to mess with marijuana, and guns are SURELY more harmful than pot . . .  (shut up, Lissa . . . don’t give them any ideas!!)

Growl, snarl, grumble.  I think it might be time for a Jelly Belly break.  Mmmm jellybeans . . .

UPDATE: Had to relink the innocentbystanders chart a few times; it wasn’t behaving.

One Response to “Random thoughts”

  1. Brad K. said

    I don’t think Iran is going to go much further than they already have.

    Remember when they went from the Shah of Iran (and Jimmy Carter) to the Ayatollah regime, most of the blood shed was American.

    And, really, for a break I like the Baker’s Secret semi-sweet squares. But then I think, a nice glass of tang, maybe a vanilla wafer, and by then I am halfway to making Mom’s Christmas treats, with orange juice, melted chocolate chips, crushed walnuts, and crushed vanilla wafers, globbed into 1″ balls and rolled in powdered sugar. They actually get better if you let them set – in waxed-paper lined containers – for a few days or so. If there are any that last that long.


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