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Let’s have Little Tikes take over Detroit!

Posted by Lissa on June 9, 2009

They seem to be doing a better job than GM, at any rate:

The Cozy Coupe sold 457,000 units in 2008, topping the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. In the ’90s, it outsold both the Accord and Ford Taurus.

It would land in the top-20 best-selling models of all time, if considered, having sold more than 10 million units in its 30-year history.

No, no, let’s not discuss profitability or gross revenue or anything like that.  Don’t spoil my fun!

Go, mini-Flintstone!  Go!

(h/t The Corner)


2 Responses to “Let’s have Little Tikes take over Detroit!”

  1. Borepatch said

    We never owned a Camry. We have owned a Cozy Coupe.


  2. Jay G. said

    Yeah, but the 40 MPH offset crash test totally pwns the Cozy Coupe…

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