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Wardrobe FAIL

Posted by Lissa on June 5, 2009

Meh.  I’m having one of those days.

In a futile attempt to combat the nasty murky cloudy weather outside, I chose a rather cheery outfit today – a bright turquoise sleeveless dress, topped with a black corduroy blazer to make it business appropriate, and of course finished with black leather stilettos.  In my usual morning rush, getting dressed is actually the last thing I do before leaving the apartment.  (Getting dressed and THEN doing hair/makeup is a surefire guarantee that you’ll drop something messy down your front.  You know it’s true.)

I made it all the way to the parking lot before I noticed/remembered that this dress shrank in the wash.

Bloody hell.

Instead of falling decorously to my knees, the hem is a good two inches above.  Instead of looking bright and cheery yet businesslike, I look like I’m dressing for a picnic.  Or maybe lunch on a cruise ship.

Relax, relax, I chanted to myself.  No one will notice.  You’re not as important as you think.  No one will make you kneel down to prove that your dress is knee-length like some obnoxious high school dress code enforcer.  Relax.

Then I remembered I have a meeting today with my boss’s boss, Big Boss Lawyer.  And a Vice President from our Communications department.

Oh, sh*t.

A few days ago I warned Mike I was going shopping this weekend.  When he asked if there was any special reason, I explained that I’d spent ten minutes wishing I could go to work naked because there was nothing in my wardrobe.

Today I almost wish I had.

If you need me, I’ll be hiding in my cube, studiously keeping my legs underneath the desk and wishing for a blanket.

Bloody hell.


P.S.  No doubt Mike would like to point out that my closet – twice as big as his – is stuffed with clothes and roughly 4,392 pairs of shoes.  Silly men and their counting games!

P.P.S. Rajah went to the vet last night and was judged to be “the perfect size, a good ten-pound cat.”  Of course, we gave him about fourteen treats when we got home last night so that might not be true anymore.  The vet also called him “thick,” which made me giggle.  I was just waiting for her to call him “festively plump.”

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