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Why Bloggers Need Kindles

Posted by Lissa on June 4, 2009

This is it, folks.  This is the ultimate, absolute argument and proof why readers who blog must have a Kindle.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan, for a myriad of reasons – it’s lightweight, it’s portable, you can buy books simply by flipping on the Whispernet (think cell phone reception, but without having to buy a coverage plan) and going to the Kindle store, you can carry a whole library in your purse, tons of classics are online for free (or nearly free), you don’t get ink smeared on your fingers, you can hold a 1000-page book in one hand while brushing your hair with the other, and – best of all – you need never fear being stuck at the airport or a diner or a coffeeshop without something great to read.

It’s not without fault, mind you – they’re certainly not cheap, you’ll have to re-buy a bunch of books in your library, maps and illustrations are crude at best, and it takes longer to flip back and forth to an index in the back.  You don’t get that lovely old-book smell that many bibliophiles crave.  They’re not for everyone.

But they ARE for every single blogger who likes to post about books, for this one simple reason:

You can now highlight a passage, make notes on it, and access it online at the new Kindle website.

That’s right.  Instead of laboriously typing out a passage you want to quote or discuss, double- and triple-checking it for accuracy, you can easily highlight it in your Kindle, go online, and cut-and-paste the relevant text.

You can’t beat that.

Coming soon – my long-overdue review of Wild Swans by Jung Chang, delayed solely because there were so many passages to quote that I knew it would take me forever to transcribe.  For example:

Location 4870:  I was extremely sad to see the lovely plants go. But I did not resent Mao. On the contrary, I hated myself for feeling miserable. By then I had grown into the habit of “self-criticism” and automatically blamed myself for any instincts that went against Mao’s instructions. In fact, such feelings frightened me. It was out of the question to discuss them with anyone. Instead, I tried to suppress them and acquire the correct way of thinking. I lived in a state of constant self-accusation. Such self-examination and self-criticism were a feature of Mao’s China. You would become a new and better person, we were told. But all this introspection was really designed to serve no other purpose than to create a people who had no thoughts of their own.

That took me five seconds.  Done.  Bada-boom.

All hail Kindle!


One Response to “Why Bloggers Need Kindles”

  1. Eseell said

    Holy crap, I’ll be able to actually blog about all the weird stuff I think about while I’m reading, save passages for quoting, etc. My Kindle DX is supposed to arrive next Thursday. I can’t wait.

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