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O What a Beautiful Morning

Posted by Lissa on May 31, 2009

Ahhhh.  There’s nothing like snuggling in a warm bed, made with freshly-washed sheets and blankets, in the quiet, peaceful dark, a warm husband by your side.

Especially at 4:30 AM.

At which hour you have been woken, in that peaceful dark, by the unmistakable “HACK — HAAAAAAUCK — COUGH — HAAAAAAACK – CHLAAAAAAAAAAA- splat” of your cat horking up a hairball.

He looked quite proud of himself, afterwards.

Little stinker.

One Response to “O What a Beautiful Morning”

  1. wrm said

    Pfft. Our one goes maaarp! Maarp! Meeyaaarp! at that kind of time of day. Often. Should teach us about rescuing brain-dead kittens…

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