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Posted by Lissa on May 18, 2009

Meet Buster:


At least, we think his name is Buster.  He seems like a Buster.

No, he’s not ours; Rajah is an only cat and likes it that way. It was a friend of ours, L, who picked up a cute fuzzy darling little kitten-companion.

I helped L pick him up from the shelter this past weekend.  Please note that I helped him pick UP the kitten but did not help him pick OUT the kitten – that was all L and I made sure to keep any preferences to myself!

Anyway, we hadn’t thought we could pick out a kitten and take him home in the same day, so we weren’t prepared.  We had to leave the adorable bundle of fur at the shelter and run to the pet store to pick up food and a cat carrier. 

So we’re bombing up and down the aisles picking out two different kinds of wet food and two different kinds of dry food (one type being what he was fed at the shelter, and the other being the kitten chow Jenny and I have always used to raise our furballs) and I’m bouncing up and down at the register impatient to pay and get to L’s house to kitten-proof it and back to the shelter to gobble down – er, adopt – Buster and Mike realizes we forgot to buy a nail clipper.  So I go dashing up the aisle to snag two nail clippers (ours are pretty rusty and need to go play in the garbage chute) and run back to the front of the store and the menfolk point out that I forgot to get a carrier.  Dammit!  So I go flying back up a different aisle, stub the bottom of my Croc Malindis and do a full-on layout in the aisle.

I’m talking serious spillage here, folks.  I bruised my hand and my hip and my sunglasses went flying off my head and landed about six feet away; I basically pretended I was on a slip-and-slide, without the slipping part; I sort of skidded.  Ouch. 

And the worst part?  Mike had his back turned so he didn’t see it!

Oh well, nothing broken, no harm done; I popped up like the Energizer bunny and kept running – more carefully, mind you.  We set up food and water and litter and brought the kitten home and taunted him with mice and laser pointers and sneaker shoelaces and cuddled him and generally went Awwww!  But after an hour it became obvious that Mike and I had a lot to do and needed to go home and do it.  Also, I hadn’t yet eaten that day and my stomach was threatening to chew a hole through my abdomen and go secure comestibles by itself.

Of course, by the time we got home I was so starving that I nuked a hot dog and bit into it and burnt the CRAP out of my mouth.  That’ll teach me to eat junk food!

Happy kitten-ing, L!

3 Responses to “Kitten-drunk”

  1. Brad K. said

    umm, the day after a header? Epsom salts and a hot bath. Seriously, it still works wonders. I also enjoy a touch of Absorbine Mint Gel Liniment(from the feed store) as needed.

    Continue to be more careful when you run!

  2. Jenny said

    So… I think his name may be “Smokey”. It seemed to fit more than “Buster”. I started calling him “Smokey” intermittently tonight and at first L teased me about changing his name but then admitted it might work better. Update in a few days!

  3. Shoothouse Barbie said

    I must say that I am privileged to have witnessed the Lissa-belly-flop-n-slide in the past. It is a truly glorious sight, and yes, she does pop right up in the blink of an eye. It is too bad that Mike missed it!

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