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National security fail

Posted by Lissa on May 14, 2009

Sure, that’s a wicked misleading title, since I don’t intend this post to be serious, but so what?  Work with me here . . .

Check out the following video.  Now imagine that you’re tired and you didn’t have a Diet Coke with lunch and your cat woke you up at five in the morning making muffins on your chest (and thereby making it hard to breathe) and headbumping your chin (because mommy thinks fur tastes yummy or something).  Doesn’t this suggest an awesome national security parallel?

We, the United States, are the dog.  (The United States or the Western world or whatever.)  Bad Guys will sometimes bat at us, because they’re bored.  Or to piss us off.  Or because Rachel Lucas is right and cats are *ssh*les.  If we just sit there and take it while they playfully test us and smack us around, sooner or later, the claws come out and we get b*tchsm*ck*d.  And then the stoopid hooman pulls us back before we can appropriately respond.  The best time to start barking is BEFORE we get thumped, not after.  And perhaps a loud, ferocious bark would have scared him off so we didn’t have to attack him later.

Incredibly asinine?  Or BRILLIANT?  Or both??

. . . . or neither.  Cute dog, cute cat, all right?

(swiped from the Lolcatz)


One Response to “National security fail”

  1. Brad K. said

    I learned this with horses. And kids. Disrespect – the cat practicing hunting on a companion – always gets worse until someone gets hurt. You have to confront disrespect.

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