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Just call me “Fail Groins Looks

Posted by Lissa on May 8, 2009

That’s right.  If your groin is looking at me I am a total failure, because somehow I’ve ended up with you AND YOU’RE NAKED. 

Perhaps I should go by “Insofar Goo Kills”?  Insofar as goo kills, please to take my survey, kthxbye.  (YES I KNOW that doesn’t make a lot of sense.  And your point is?)

Oo Oo — “Frank Igloo Silos.”  My igloo silos ain’t got TIME for manners, y’all.  We tell it STRAIGHT UP LIKE IT’S MADE UP.  (I think I just made that up.)

Got it — “Gorillas of Oinks.”  BACON, b*tches.  Bacon, or I shall steal thy blonds and climb thy skyscrapers!  And then spend way, way WAY too much time ice skating and whacking airplanes and making sad faces at the camera before I finally FALL and DIE.

Fun on a Friday 🙂

(P.S.  No, Beauty did NOT kill the beast.  Gravity and a hard-freakin’-surface did that.)

(h/t to Stoaty)

UPDATE: Roberta X linked.  Thanks!


One Response to “Just call me “Fail Groins Looks”

  1. Brad K. said

    Nah. I like “Looking for Lissa.” That works just fine for me.

    Besides, I prefer WebSudoku.com. That or DayByDay.com, that is pretty snarky about Oh! Bummer!

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