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A reminder that I’m not smart enough to be a politics blogger

Posted by Lissa on May 8, 2009

Because I’m not smart enough to deconstruct a comment like Jeff is.

What’s your plan, [1] Goober? [2] Keep bending over for the Insurance companies [3] that let Americans die [4] for less than what an exec spends on a pedicure on one of their spa weekends.[5] Good plan, [6] Einstein.[7] What exactly is the stake [8] that a dimwit like yourself has [9] in defending the pathological greed [10] that ends the lives of Americans over “paperwork “,” technicalities’ and “previous conditions” [11]? People of your mentality [12] are absolutely human garbage. [13] Go crawl back under your rock.[14] You lost. [15] Period. [16]

Let’s break this down, shall we?

1) The lack of any other NEW PLAN is an indication that you have no answers to the PROBLEM, which hasn’t been clearly identified. Status quo, or any “plan” that doesn’t involve some sort of massive CHANGE, is by nature of its conservative approach, no plan at all.

2) Those who don’t fall in line with the progressive vision? — must be uneducated hicks.

And so on, and so forth.  G’wan now, and RTWT.

(Please note I am NOT holding up the comment above as an example of reasoned, courteous discourse from those across the aisle who hold different views.  I’m not pretending that comment is a typical or dignified commentary.  I’m just being jealous of Goldstein’s analytical Fisking ability.  The fact that I can’t write like that — hell, I can’t THINK like that — makes me sad in my pants.)

(h/t Cold Fury)


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