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Wedding bonus pic: Obligatory humble pie

Posted by Lissa on May 7, 2009

You were all so sweet and flattering and complimentary — Jay, Tam (who did NOT make girlish squeals, of COURSE 🙂 ) Shoothouse Barbie, Borepatch and TOTWTYTR — that I’m due for another dose of humble pie.  You wouldn’t want me to walk around with a swollen head, would you?

And so, I present to you — BOUQUET TOSS FAIL!


Yep, that is me slinging the bouquet directly into the ceiling above my head.  I’m damn lucky it landed behind me instead of bouncing off my carefully-curled hair.  I ended up turning around, closing my eyes and hurling it like a Frisbee into the waiting crowd . . . where it was treated like a swine-flu-laden-soggy-tissue.  Seriously, it lay on the floor for at least ten seconds before someone finally scooped it up.  Her marriage is already set for this fall, mind you.

Now aren’t you glad I shared??

P.S.  Here’s a handy symptom-checker for the swine flu, courtesy of Better and Better.  Tell your friends!


4 Responses to “Wedding bonus pic: Obligatory humble pie”

  1. Tam said

    Somewhere there exists a photo of the last wedding I was roped into… er… involved in.

    My “dear friend” line-drived the bouquet over her shoulder at me, almost as though she’d sneaked a peek over her shoulder to line up the shot. The photo, which no doubt still lives in an album someplace, shows an eager crowd of hands grasping for the floral prize, and one person diving headlong out of the way of the fragrant missile. 😮

    I think weddings are awesome and love attending and getting all choked up. I love watching other people jump out of airplanes, too. I am SUCH a big chicken.

  2. Borepatch said

    Lissa, don’t think of it as “fail” – think of it as “new World Record for wedding bouquet hang-time!”


  3. scotaku said

    No such thing as wedding FAIL in what I’ve seen here. I know I’m late to the party on this, but congratulations both of you and welcome to the club! Kekkon omedeto (as we say in these parts)!

  4. secretlivesofscientists said

    I’m pretty sure the garter toss got the same response.

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