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Yes, I am officially in freak-out mode

Posted by Lissa on April 8, 2009

Breathe, dammit. Just breathe.

Here’s the funny thing — the sentence, “I’m getting married to Mike in ten days” doesn’t freak me out.  I’m fine with that.

But if you stop after the first three words . . . “I’m getting married” . . . OH.  MY.  FREAKING.  GOD.

In between shopping for pew bows (pew pew pew!) and arranging seating charts and engraving flutes and purchasing parental gifts and hiring videographers and confirming bus companies, I’ve been dealing with the stress by whimpering, sucking my thumb and occasionally eating paste.  (Nom nom nom.)

Okay, not really.  But I *have* been leaning like hell on my older sister, as well as anxiously needing reassurance from Mike.  (“You love me, right?  You don’t have cold feet, do you?  You appreciate that I go grocery shopping and cook dinner, right?  My hair looks pretty, right?”) 

Mostly he pets my hair and tells me everything is fine.  Although I think I’ve caught him looking at me a few times with a “wow, THIS is the woman I’m marrying?  The one regressing to finger paint and cartoons?” look. 

Yes, sweetie, this is the woman you’re marrying.  And, in fact, I think I’ll pull out the Little House books tonight.  And make Play-doh, cause the pretty colors make it tastier than paste.  Om nom nom.


7 Responses to “Yes, I am officially in freak-out mode”

  1. Mike is probably like “Rupert” @ Wachel’s: “before he goes back to silently contemplating why he married a monkey.”

    You’ll be fine; you will be a lovely bride & Mike will love his new crazy person as I do mine.


  2. secretlivesofscientists said

    Yay – I’m wicked psyched!

  3. Elizabeth said

    This is *normal*. The wedding will be wonderful! Breathe! 🙂 Just make sure you can delegate for the day of and take 5 min, just the two of you, to drink it all in. 🙂

  4. Breda said

    The trick is to try your best to get everything right and then on your wedding day let it all go and enjoy.

    Your wedding day is not a day for stress – it is a day for love and joy. Let someone else worry about the details.

    I’m so excited for you! Congrats!

  5. Borepatch said

    Just remember:

    No wedding ever goes quite to plan. Yours will not be the first.

    Nobody makes it to the altar without major freaking out. You will not be the first.

    So relax, and enjoy the show. You’ll look back on this decades from now and smile.

    (and Dr. Borepatch prescribes you a glass of wine. Take two, and share one with your beau.)

  6. Jay G. said

    No wedding plans survive first contact with the enemy.

    -Jay’s rules of warfare and/or modern marriage.

    Besides, in 10 years, when you dig out the scrapbook and see the pictures of the people who *HATE* each other sitting together at the same table SHOOTING DAGGERS AT EACH OTHER, you’ll be able to laugh (like a tickled hermit) at their misfortune.

    While you funnel tequila down your throat, that is…

  7. […] Thank you to Dr. Borepatch for his scrip for wine. Unfortunately, I’m prohibited from masticating any strongly-colored […]

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