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Who wants a time-waster?

Posted by Lissa on April 2, 2009

Inspired by the fun of Shoothouse Barbie, I meandered over and took the Tarot-card crystal-ball fortune-cookie personality test. Apparently I’m a Guardian-Provider (ESFJ). So, I’ll grow you food — but if you try and f*ck with me and mine, your *ss is grass, y’all.Or something.

The last (only) time I took a Myers-Briggs test I was eighteen, and desperate to grow out of my shell. Having been very shy and withdrawn for most of my adolescence, I was determined to be a bright shining star at college. (Snort) As such, I took the test with an eye to the sort of roommate I wanted to attract, rather than actual answers that were true for me.

That’ll teach me to lie on personality tests!

Freshman Roomie (Froomie!) was a nightmare of galactic proportions. Okay, okay, I exaggerate; she never stole my money, cheated off my assignments or broke my stuff. It wasn’t THAT bad. She was merely an immature narcissistic young woman, and being pretty immature myself I lacked the skills to deal with her. Froomie’s preferred method of letting me know that I had upset her was to tell all of our mutual friends what a miserable insensitive b*tch I was — despite my repeated requests that she simply let ME know if I’d done something wrong, so I could fix it. Apparently that was too difficult a standard for an 18-year-old.

On the upside, living with Mary (not her real name) the next year was a piece of cake. We had our difficulties now and again, sure, but when she was upset — she’d actually TELL me so! Hallelujah! I helped her with her Spanish and she helped me with my fashion and it was such a JOY to feel comfortable in our nice room.

And so, the moral of the story is . . . um . . . well, I’m not actually sure there IS a moral to this story. In fact, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t qualify as a story so much as unhinged rambling.  Just go take the test, if you feel like wasting some time. So there.

P.S.  I bet I confused the hell out of the personality test.  What does it do with someone who isn’t terribly analytical or logical herself but freely acknowledges that those are the best approaches to take?


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