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So dumb it HURTS

Posted by Lissa on March 31, 2009

I think we’ve all had conversations like this a time or two . . .

(And yes I realize that, with my recent airheadedness, I may not be the best person to criticize the brain freezes of others, but — DUDE.  At least I know the difference between dollars and pennies!!)

(h/t to my sister)

3 Responses to “So dumb it HURTS”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    I read about this awhile back, I think boyfriend sent it to me. I never heard the actual conversation, though!

  2. Brad K. said

    Maybe step through it number-wise:
    The first kb would be 0.002 cents
    The first 10 kb would be 0.020 cents
    The first 100 kb would be 0.200 cents
    The first 1,000 kb would be 2.00 cents
    The first 10,000 kb would be 20.00 cents
    The first 100,000 kb would be 200.00 cents = 2.00 dollars,
    would be greater than the bill for 35,893 kb.
    or 71.79 cents. ($0.71 dollars)

    At least, that would give everyone a chance to track the disconnect. Asking whether the supervisor recognized a difference between half a dollar and half a cent was disrespectful. Remember, the point of the call was to resolve a bill dispute – to improve communication, not shame someone or bully them.

    I have my communication disconnects with AT&T Wireless.

    [Brad – I understand, but I have to disagree. The conversation had obviously occurred for some minutes before the recorder switched on; I imagine the caller had plenty of time to get well and truly frustrated. I think the caller was trying to boil it down to the most simple word problem possible — and she did follow along with the first two steps — and his attempt at much simpler math than your explanation above had met with straight FAIL. To me, it did not seem that Verizon was at all trying to understand the problem, but rather to convince the caller that he was wrong. However, as a former phone rep I’d be happy if my callers were as polite as I imagine you are! — Lissa]

  3. Elizabeth said

    There is an entire blog out there following this saga…


    Teh stupid, it HURTS. Seriously. Major pain from the pure stupidity.

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