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Three-picture Thursday: 3/26/09

Posted by Lissa on March 26, 2009

Good morning all! Thanks for the votes on the last post, and try not to worry; the Ace-strapping-a-cat to sneak him onto an airplane actually came from a book I read recently. I didn’t cite the book because it would be a plot-spoiler; I adamantly declared to Mike mid-book that “if they kill the cat, I am NEVER reading anything by this guy ever again!!!”  They don’t kill the cat, they smuggle him into Mexico.  The End.   🙂

But let’s stick with the theme of flesh-shredding for just a moment longer, shall we?  I too took a picture of The Knife Buffet at the Hilltop, though mine will differ slightly from Jay G’s; namely, by the big honkin’ possessive red circle:


FYI – no, I do not print like a blindfolded five-year-old, but the text box print was too tiny and I couldn’t embiggen it.  It’s hard writing with a mouse!  (On the other hand, my cursive DOES look rather like that of a blindfolded five-year-old.  It’s sad, really.)

While we’re on the subject of the Bloggermeet — I had described the following FAIL to my tablemates, and I offer it now for all y’all’s viewing pleasure:


Just . . . just, NO.  NO NO NO.  How could someone put that up, on purpose OR accidentally?  I’m hardly race-obsessed, but, DUDE.  BAD.

Finally, I offer up the following Photoshop Disaster.  I’m pretty sure I should be outraged — “That’s why women have body issues!  Even a perfectly respectable beautiful model gets Photoshopped!  Come and see the sexism inherent in the system!” — but really I just laugh at the horrific Photoshop-FAIL.


(“Call that a woman?  This  is a woman . . . “)

Almost Friday!!

7 Responses to “Three-picture Thursday: 3/26/09”

  1. Ted said

    If you’re going to bother with all that Photoshop silliness, why not give her a sweet Lever Gun? 😉

  2. Sad thing is, the original would have just shown her natural curves like a woman should have, not an ass like a ten year old boy.

  3. Breda said

    we have the same knife! squee!

  4. Tam said

    You know you’re a knife geek when your first thought looking at that piccie is:

    I see Marko still has that red Kershaw Blur…

  5. Jay G. said

    I’ve seen “Finding Nemo” too many times. I saw your “mine” and heard the seagulls…


  6. unkawill said

    The walgreens fail made me laugh my a** off.

  7. […] All* the cool kids have done it at one time or other, so I might as well post a picture of a pile-o-knives: […]

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