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Last night I dreamed of climbing a mountain in Russia

Posted by Lissa on March 25, 2009

Or, more accurately, I dreamed of *preparing* to climb a mountain in Russia. In my dream-mind Russia is apparently easier to get to than Canada, since I was still at my house a half-hour before my flight left.

Besides seriously lacking a sense of geographical scale — and the hellishly hellacious hell which is international customs — my subconscious mind is obsessed with trivialities. I dwelt feverishly on my lack of tall socks (but decided I could get away with booties under my hiking boots — ouch) and the possibility of snow getting down my pants (which was solved by packing long sleeveless undershirts). Oh, and I was most definitely concerned about remembering my Kindle. This seems to be a theme lately.

Things that did NOT particularly concern my dream-self included my total lack of Russian-language skills, having only a computer-bag’s-worth of traveling gear and clothes, forgetting to pack underwear, and planning to strap my cat to my torso using Ace bandages so that he could ride the airplane.

On second thought, the lack of concern about strapping a sharp-clawed cat to my delicate flesh before subjecting our joint bodies to the rigors of flight — well, that seems less like mere oversight and more like suicide-by-cat.  (That’s like suicide-by-cop, only much bloodier.)

If I had to guess, I’d say the homestretch to the wedding, crammed as it is with details and organizing and diplomacy, is making my subconscious stress small details and lose sight of the big pictures. Either that, or I *really* want a real-live ROLcat.

Bonus exit quote from PJ O’Rourke: “All the world’s Russia experts (and most of its Russians) are trying to figure these things out.  But Russia is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, tied in a hankie, rolled in a blanket, and packed in a box full of little Styrofoam peanuts,” said Winston Churchill, or something like that.”

4 Responses to “Last night I dreamed of climbing a mountain in Russia”

  1. Jay G. said

    Aw, man, I feel bad about the steak. Hilltop used to be really good.

    Obviously I hadn’t been there in a while…


    [Oh, don’t feel bad, Jay! We’re all super-grateful to you for organizing our lil’ party, don’t forget 🙂 — Lissa]

  2. Brad K. said

    Russia as a dream image, without actually arriving, might just be a symbol of the remoteness and inflexibility of the church.

    Sneaking the cat, stressing about how little you are allowed to take, the mountain aspect of the destination – this is about change. Giving up your singleness means devoting your life – giving up what your life would have been without the marriage – to a future combined with another soul (the plane). Your are excited and enthused about this “little death” clearing away your old life, and preparing for the new.

    Sneaking the cat is not a hopeful sign. Bring the cat issues out into the open – don’t spring “o, of *course* the cat sleeps in my bed!” on an unsuspecting spouse-candidate. The hiding the cat with the ace bandage, the plane are just news-type examples your internal messager uses to express itself.

    Yep. It’s the wedding. Knock ’em dead!

  3. mts said

    Dear Lord: I am reading “Eat the Rich” by P.J. O’Rourke right now, and read that very sentence yesterday.

    Wall Street, Albania, Cuba, Sweden, Russia, then onto whatever is next. I don’t look ahead when I read. I know I’ll end up at the back cover eventually, so why?

    I also like how he said Russians are a lot like Americans with going overboard, and describing St. Petersburg like it was a Las Vegas themed casino. And how we’re both loud and brash, with manners: manners of WWF wrestlers.

  4. Ted said

    At this time in the process, you can (and should) blame everything on the Wedding. Tim Geithner saying “OK, maybe the dollar SHOULDN’T be the reserve currency?” Wedding. Still only 50 degrees outside? Wedding. Ted doesn’t know what a ROLcat is? Wedding.

    It’s actually quite easy.

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