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I agree with Crystal, this site is AWESOME

Posted by Lissa on March 24, 2009

Between making chicken-pesto-pasta with asparagus and prepping the Crock Pot coq au vin for tonight’s dining pleasure, I spent all my spare time last night in the kitchen instead of updating my blogroll.  Dammit!  Maybe tonight?  Hey, maybe I’ll even manage to catch Gun Nuts!

In the meantime, you can check AD and Jay and Borepatch and a bunch of other places to read up on the Northeast Dinner/Bloggershoot with AD.  Or, if you’re in the mood for a laugh, you can traipse on over to FML.  I got there from Crystal’s site and I’m just laughing myself silly.  A few workplace-friendly examples:

Today, me and couple of friends were driving around town and saw a lady who had accidentally backed her car up onto a concrete wall. Laughing, we all turned to look as we passed and I drove straight into a parked police car at 30 that had stopped to help her.FML

Today, it’s my birthday. My mom decided to wake me up by having our new, previously stray, cat thrown on top of me. I was awoken to two claws ripping across my face which needed 16 stitches to fix. Happy Birthday.FML

Today, I fell asleep in class.As a joke, my professor used an airhorn to wake me up. I got so freaked out that I punched the girl next to me in the face. She got knocked out.FML

Today, I was on the bus going to formal for my sorority. I was sitting in the 5th row of the bus when I felt raindrops on my face coming through the open window. I then realized it wasn’t raining, but the girl in the 1st row was throwing up out her window and it was coming back in through my window.FML

Today, I was at a club with my girlfriend of only two weeks. As we were dancing, another woman grabbed my ass from behind me and squeezed. I yelped and turned around to see my mother as the culprit. My girlfriend punched her. I found out my mother is a Cougar and my girl has a mean right hook. FML

Today, I was taking the bus home from work. As I was getting off an old man whistled at me, I told him to go to hell and got off the bus. When the bus drove away the old man stood in the back of the bus, holding up the wallet I left that he was trying to give to me. FML

Today, I got my laptop back after sending it to Dell to repair water damage after a night of partying.Dell returned my computer unrepaired, saying it was unfixable.When I called to ask why they couldn’t fix it, they told me it was a biohazard. Someone got drunk and pissed on my laptop.FML

Today, I decided to start working out because my friends said I’m scrawny and weak. I bought an expensive giant container of protein powder to take before during work outs. I wasn’t strong enough to open the lid.FML

Today, I went skinny-dipping with my best friend. We were on the beach and it was fairly crowded but we got in the water at this really secluded area. While we were swimming I looked up to see a homeless man wearing my clothes, walking away. FML

*gigglesnort* Admit it — your day now seems a helluva lot better, does it not?

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