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Northeast Blogger and AD Dinner 3-22-09

Posted by Lissa on March 22, 2009

Steak.  Bloggers.  And lots and lots of knives.  What’s not to like??

I’ll try and update this post later, with lots of official links and an updated blogroll for folks I’ve met (Yay!!), but for now, I’m simply dumping off my Neo (thanks Marko!).  A big whopping thank you to Jay (I’ll update with a link once he posts his review of our lil’ shin-dig) — you ROCK, Mr. G.  We had a very excellent time and I TOTALLY look forward to the spring bloggershoot!

Quotes ‘n’ Notes from the evening . . .

If there’s one quote to walk away with tonight, I’m sure it would be Ambulance Driver’s: “Naw, naw, I’m not a redneck, I’m a good ol’ boy.  Y’see, both grow up having relationships with the livestock, but rednecks get emotionally involved.”

– Apparently I need to see Amazon Women on the Moon.  Or is that just for SciFi junkies?  Weer’d Beard

– Lissa:  “I don’t know about eating bunnies.  Bunnies are cute.” 
Ted: “Well, so are deer, you know.”
Lissa:  “Yes, but bunnies have never threatened my car. Every deer on the plate is one less deer in my headlights.”

-My new friend Steve was kicked out of Boy Scouts AND Hebrew School.  I’m not sure exactly what he did to deserve that, but he did mention smoking in the girls bathroom.  He swears it was NOT to pick up chicks — “They were the only other people who smoked!!”

– Ted: “I’m definitely just an amateur.”
Lissa: “If you’re just a gun amateur, what does that make me?”
Ted: “What do you think?”
Lissa: “Um, they called me a baby gun chick.”
Ted:  “Well, you’ll get a LOT more hits off “baby gun chick” than you will off “amateur” !”

– According to Ross, there are only three changes to MA gun laws that are really imperative:
1. Change licensing to “shall issue”
2. Scrap the EOPS list (?)
3. Beat the hell out of the AG until she stops pretending that gun safety laws protect children, or are really meant to.

– Ted, on living in England for a year:  “Yeah, you never got used to it.  When the movers came to pack us up, to go back home, they were these big burley cockney guys, and I’m like, “Would you like a spot of tea?” (raises his voice an octave) “Oo, lovely!” ”

– It was voiced that we might need to talk to the Hilltop management ’cause the Winchesters on the wall don’t have trigger locks.  Naturally, Jay had all the answers — it seems that antiques do have a loophole. Maybe just so that Minutemen could do re-enactments? Massachusetts:  We only want to regulate your guns if there’s a possibility they might be useful.  Yeah, it doesn’t make sense.  Deal with it.

-Ross:  “Yeah, I missed the day when we did Duck and Cover.
Lissa (squealing and clapping hands): “Oo! Oo!  I saw that in American History class!!”

– Jay G: “One . . . two . . . five!”
Lissa: “Three, sir!”

– (After some explanation about goats, a large boot and bodies of water) – Weer’d Beard: “Remember, Gentlemen: “BAAA” means “NO!!!”

Breda – you really must meet Ted some day and ask him about #2 son going to the ER for an injury obtained in a library.  And I must be there to take notes.  It’s just how it has to be.

– Ted: “You need to start a group, because really, Mike has to post so he can write, ‘Hey all, I’ve been looking for Lissa. Has anyone seen her?’ ”

– (I don’t even know to what this referred) – Jay G: “Help me, Tamara wan Kenobe, you’re my only hope!!”

– (On the drive home) – Lissa: “I was a little surpried you wanted to come, since you didn’t know any of the people or AD or stuff.”
Mike: “Well, it’s people you’re friends with.”
Lissa: “Cyber friends.” Pause. “Oh dude that sounds TERRIBLE.”

 It was lovely to see my old Bloggershoot friends again, and lovely to meet new ones.  More to come when I’m less sleepy.

Thank you Jay!  Cheers, AD!

7 Responses to “Northeast Blogger and AD Dinner 3-22-09”

  1. totwtytr said

    -Ross: “Yeah, I missed the day when we did Duck and Cover.
    Lissa (squealing and clapping hands): “Oo! Oo! I saw that in American History class!!”

    I didn’t miss it and the fact that you read about it in American History depresses me more than I can say.

    I too was thrown out of Hebrew School. Literally, by the scruff of the neck.

    Just to set the record straight. More from my blog when my brain slows down below light speed.

    Great to see you again.

  2. Jay G. said

    Posting a very quick review (and the picture of the knives!) shortly; will be able to post more hopefully tomorrow night after the shooting part…

    Thanks for the recap!

  3. Ross said

    Lissa, while thinking on it on the way home, I’d like to add one more change to the MA gun laws: Lose the burglar safety requirement. The so-called “safe storage” law that requires you to always have your gun locked up if it’s not under your “direct control”. This allows burglars to safely break into a house where the owners are sleeping, since it’s not “safe storage” to leave your 1911 on your bedside table.

    Why, a home invader might get shot!

    (BTW, it was great to meet you last night! Best of luck on your upcoming nuptials!)

  4. Breda said

    Arrgh!! I should have stowed away in Heath’s truck!

  5. It was a genuine pleasure meeting you and Mike! Maybe next time I come up we’ll be able to shoot!

    Oh, and Jay’s comment was in reply to my confession that I’d had to e-mail Tamara about how to field strip my 1911 when the owner’s manual was particularly unhelpful.

  6. Amazon Women on the Moon is a MUST-See. You’ll enjoy it wayy more than Watchmen!

    Was great seeing you again, and Meeting the future Mr. Lissa ; ]


  7. TheBadLT said

    Lissa –

    It was a pleasure meeting you (and everyone else). Next time, hopefully, I’ll get to go to the blogshoot too (but I suppose I need to have more than one post on my blog!).

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