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I guess not everyone likes Michelle as much as I do

Posted by Lissa on March 20, 2009

I peeled my hard-boiled egg, sprinkled a paper towel with garlic powder and salt for dipping and clicked on Michelle’s website for my normal breakfast-at-my-desk browsing.

Only to see this:


Aw, drat!  They’re finally taking away all of our political blog access!

Hmmmm.  ALL of it?





As Mike commented, “But those are moderate, legitimate news sources!”


P.S.  Four hours later Michelle is up and running.  I wonder what happened?

One Response to “I guess not everyone likes Michelle as much as I do”

  1. Brad K. said

    Censorship, prior constraint of freedom of speech, is one of the attacks that the Obama administration makes, when they can. Anyone with a reasoned opposition to the stimulus approach, Congress’ diversion tactics with the AIG bogus bonus witch-hunt (don’t look at the contributions AIG made, that isn’t mis-spending taxpayer money!) – is intended to cover other “sensitive” (bad or corrupt ideas) actions.

    One for instance, if you want to be able to afford food, do what you can to defeat H.R. 875, which establishes the Food Safety Administration. Don’t be mislead by the headlines – it imposes draconion fines, record keeping, and threat of confiscation and inspection on many – while doing nothing to actually improve food safety. How many garderners, farmers markets, and roadside vegetable and fruit stands do you want to drive out of business – and still think you will be able to eat? Monsanto and ADM (huge multi-national agribusiness conglomerates) wrote this one – only the heavily chemicaled, biggest scale operations will be able to exist under this attack. Look for cost of transport, distributing, and warehousing food to escalate enormously – because of increased licensing, reporting, inspection, and record keeping the act would require.

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