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Read of the Day

Posted by Lissa on March 13, 2009

Europeans got what their hearts wanted, but forgot what their heads told them. For 50 years, they have caricatured America as it served as the dumping ground for the export economies of the world. It (often clumsily) defended Europe at no cost, and got snickers and triangulation as its thanks. America’s belching cars and smokestack industries were the object of disdain by the supposedly green Euros, who in fact never met any of the Kyoto guidelines that they preached to everyone else.

Europe talked a great multicultural game, as the antithesis to America’s dirty role as the world’s cop that had to do nasty things like get Saddam out of Kuwait and then Iraq itself, rid the world of Milosevic, and chase the Taliban from Afghanistan.

Europeans gave Nobel Prizes to Jimmy Carter and Al Gore with the idea of poking in the eye the conservative American establishment – not as proof that in their wildest dreams they would wish to see once again Carter’s 1977-80 governance or enact Al Gore’s ideas for shutting down the West’s industrial infrastructure within a decade. (French nuclear plants and Eastern European coal-based production have no place in the Goreist wind-and-solar global paradise.)

Suddenly America has flipped, and Europe is bewildered and afraid that we may be the new, but more powerful and influential, Europe – and thus Europe will be left alone, with no foil. Its intellectuals talk of post-colonialism and post-imperialism, as they brag of their new multicultural fides. Quietly they worry about unassimilated minorities in their cities with names like Hussein. And while they accept that a Barack Obama would never make it to a major European ministry, they cannot accept that he knows that all too well himself – and should have little problem from time to time reminding the world of it as well.



3 Responses to “Read of the Day”

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  2. mts said

    As far as West Europe, good for them. But the fallout will also badly affect our best new friends in Eastern Europe. Especially Poland, who can be as much a staunch ally as Britain if we only allow this to grow.

  3. totwtytr said

    Mts is correct in his comment. The eastern European nations in the former soviet bloc are indeed among our staunchest allies. Many of them sent military detachments, albeit small ones, to support OEF and fight in Afghanistan.

    Europe’s biggest problem is that the US military is less likely to be there to defend against a resurgent Russian military threat. A large part of their ability to build welfare states resided on their ability to gut their militaries to support social entitlement programs. Now what are they going to do other than roll over, stick their butts in the air, and bite their pillows?

    It’s all about bashing America until they need us. The problem this time is that we have a President who takes their criticism as a road map and they never expected that.

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