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Manly Cities, ahoy!

Posted by Lissa on March 6, 2009

Courtesy of Ace comes this Combo study (take it with many grains of salt, ’cause a handful of those will kill your sodium content for the day):

Top 10 Manly Cities:

1. Nashville, Tenn.
    2. Charlotte, N.C.
    3. Oklahoma City, Okla.
    4. Cincinnati, Ohio
    5. Denver, Colo.
    6. St. Louis, Mo.
    7. Columbus, Ohio
    8. Kansas City, Mo.
    9. Indianapolis, Ind.
    10. Toledo, Ohio

Bottom 10 Manly Cities:

40. Seattle, Wash.
    41. Sacramento, Calif.
    42. Miami, Fla.
    43. San Diego, Calif.
    44. Oakland, Calif.
    45. Washington, District of Columbia
    46. Chicago, Ill.
    47. Portland, Ore.
    48. San Francisco, Calif.
    49. Los Angeles, Calif.
    50. New York, N.Y.

Of course, the study itself is sort of a fallacy; everyone knows that REALLY manly men don’t live in cities.  They live on their own land and build cannons and stuff.  Right, Doubletrouble

(Oh, and they date Mrs. Doubletrouble.  That was one kickass lady.)

4 Responses to “Manly Cities, ahoy!”

  1. Jay G. said

    Is. Is one kick-ass lady.

    Interesting that, yet again, Boston misses the list. I suspect Beantown’s off the “most manly” list for, among other things, Mumbles Menino, John Rosenthal, and allowing Nomar Garciaparra to adjust his gloves approximately 127,952,210 times at Fenway.

    Boston misses the “least manly” list for the Curse of the Bambino, the bridge measured in Smoots, and the Bunker Hill Monument…

    [Don’t forget the Freedom Trail, Jay. That’s enough to keep us from the bottom of the list. – Lissa]

  2. Ted said

    They *marry* Mrs. Doubletrouble. Or Mrs. Borepatch.

    And they shoot at the Massachusetts state line marker.

    [That too, Ted. But remember, Mike and I aren’t married yet, and I think my whole family gives him bravery awards for dating me 🙂 – Lissa]

  3. Aw shucks…thanks Lissa…

    ::blushes & scuffs dirt::

  4. Mike said

    For anyone wondering what a Smoot is (from Jay G’s comment):

    I had to explain it to Lissa, so figured there might be others who weren’t aware too.

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