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I’m having a sleepover tonight!

Posted by Lissa on February 27, 2009

A good friend of mine is going through some rough spots in her life right now, so she’s coming to spend the night at the Kitty Den.  We have grand, ambitious plans to go to the Kitty Den Gym (to earn our wine!) before sitting around munching veggies and catching up on girl talk.  She’s trying to lose weight and I’m trying to lose a bit myself, so I spent an hour last night chopping up baby bok choy for stir fry and cucumbers and celery to join the grape tomatoes, carrots and broccoli for delicious Fat-Free-Ranch dipping.  (I know.  My culinary skills are several orders of magnitude short of , say, Rachel Ray.  Whatever.)

*Side note: I don’t need to lose any weight for the wedding, but I swear if I gain even an ounce I won’t be able to breathe in my dress.  I’ve thus been getting back into running — I can now go 1.5 miles before I have to stop for a breather, and I usually do another two miles alternating jogging and walking.  What’s interesting is that I find jogging easier nowadays then I did when I was a hardcore Track-and-Fielder back in high school; I was a pure sprinter and specialized in 100-meter races (the high hurdles and the 4X100).  Now that I’m trying to jog on a regular basis, the concept of pawback makes my life a lot easier.  /side note

I’m not doing a hardcore Jay G-type dietary regimen, just trying to eat more veggies and less carbs.  Most of the day it works okay — I pack a lot more FOOD for lunch than I used to, because it’s stuff like salad and reduced-fat string cheese and pickles and fat-free yogurt, rather than a simple-but-high-carb sandwich. 


Once I get home, I have to run the Gauntlet of Doom.

You can only access the second floor by using the elevators (the staircases don’t have key access from the ground floor).  And almost every day the little side table by the elevators boasts a delectable buttery plate of COOKIES.  SUGAR COOKIES.  OR OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES.  And I just want to DIVE IN.  I WANT TO GO TO COOKIELAND AND ROLL AROUND IN DOUGH.

If you were to make an artistic rendering of my intense hedonistic desire at that moment, it would look something like this:





That is all 🙂

P.S. Don’t worry, Rajah’s not allowed to really eat pudding; I thoroughly scrape it out with a spoon before I let him lick the tiny scraps that remain.

7 Responses to “I’m having a sleepover tonight!”

  1. Mike said

    Those are really old pictures! I can make out the TV antenna that you used to have in the background!

  2. secretlivesofscientists said

    I have such fond memories of my days seeking refuge at the hobbit hole! Srsly, when I think back to pulling in to your driveway, way back when I was distancing myself from “Mr. Wonderful”, I feel instantly calm! Hope you and your friend have an awesome with your wine!

  3. Jennifer said

    I hope you have fun! I could use a sleepover…

  4. Ted said

    How cool – I ran high hurdles and relay back in High School. Back in the Pleistocene Age.

  5. Brad K. said

    Lissa, just a horrid thought to share about .. food.

    Wired.com’s RSS feed (I use Bloglines.com) had a story a few days ago, about how it appears that cooking food marks the beginning of the development of mankind. Either that or when Africa greened up (way back before Ringo Starr’s “Caveman” movie setting) and lots of herbivores (read, ‘meals on the hoof’) became available.

    Whatever. Cooking makes the nutrients, including calories, in food more available. Our bodies utilize about 60% of the calories in a potato – until you cook it, when the available calories go to 90%. Many foods do the same thing, go to around 90% available just by cooking them.

    Don’t just add veggies and fruits to your diet – add more raw veggies and fruits, for a bigger impact. And water, lots and lots of water! (At least one glass of water for each glass of wine.. lol!)

    Blessings for supporting your friend. I hope she finds comfort and a better direction.

  6. Jay G. said

    Heh. Hardcore… That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said about me today… (of course, BabyGirl G, in the midst of a tantrum, announced to the entire YMCA that “YOU SMELL BAD DADDY”…)

    Really, though, it’s not terribly hardcore. It’s just counting calories and keeping an eye on what I eat is all. I still have pizza and burgers on occasion, I just don’t do it every week…

  7. […] I’ve written before, I’ve never been much of a distance runner: *Side note: I don’t need to lose any weight for the wedding, but I swear if I gain even an ounce […]

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