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This one’s for Breda

Posted by Lissa on February 20, 2009

I know, I know, I promised all these updates and posts yesterday and never got around to them.  But I didn’t anticipate that we’d have to wait three hours before the surgery!  And I didn’t think it would take another four hours before we could leave!  Instead of taking about three hours, as I thought, we were there from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.  Ugh!  (I know, I know.  I’m lucky it was minor.  I’m lucky he had access to good and quick medical care.  I’m aware that I’m impotently b*tching and kvetching, I swear.)

Since I’m already behind on blogging, let alone promised posts, I humbly beg your pardon and offer you some Ziva (you may need to turn up the volume):

UPDATE: Breda linked.  Thanks!  (And the first time I typed it I wrote “Ziva linked.”  I doubt Breda minds the mix-up!)

UPDATE: The Rustmeister linked.  Thanks!

14 Responses to “This one’s for Breda”

  1. JD said

    Ah yes, an instant classic if I ever saw one. Almost as good as her taking down the gang goons later in the show when Tony goes after the leader. . .

  2. Breda said

    Heh. I saw that on TV! And I laughed my ass off!

  3. JD said

    Ziva is the best character on there. . .(well at least from a guy point of view)

    what’s not to like = )

  4. secretlivesofscientists said

    I spent about an hour searching for that clip, but couldn’t find it! Makes me want to work on improving my sight picture a whole lot!

  5. DirtCrashr said

    A lot of people had trouble with Beretta, he was a short, psycho, jerk. 🙂

  6. Jim said

    So let me get this right: He hands over his weapon. (At all) He hands it over without informing her of its state, never mind unloading it and demonstrating that it is empty. She accepts it without checking its state. (I’ll grant you they appeared to have reasonable control over the muzzle during this process.) She fires it indoors, without neither eye nor ear protection, apparently after neither chambering a cartridge or releasing the safety. (Suggesting it was cocked and off of safe when he handed it over) She then proceeds to do a very unsafe-looking job of clearing the weapon, in that she left the firing lane before doing so.

    I’m concerned about the message this sends about safely handling and operating firearms.


  7. Jim-
    It’s called ENTERTAINMENT son; it’s not the real world.

    I know, let’s just get rid of all the guns, “for the Children”, so we won’t be sending a message…

  8. Assrot said

    I think everyone is just excited about this for the “entertainment” of seeing a hot chick with a gun one-up a man. Big whoop. Anyone that can’t hit the head of a target that size at an indoor range is pretty lame anyway.

    Who needs eye and ear protection when firing a fake gun using sound effects or at best an air-gun?

    It was a good few seconds of entertainment. I got my laugh for the day.



  9. JPG said

    As to Jim’s comments – –

    1. The point’s already made, as my wife makes it so often: “That’s TV, not real life.” But, withal, it’s not terribly unrealistic.

    2. Presumably, the uniformed Marine knows with whom he’s speaking. All concerned are on-duty federal agents/military personnel, just outside the door of a live-fire range.

    3. State of readiness:
    A. Even on a civilian police range, upon a proper, polite request, I’d have no difficulty handing my sidearm –in its normal state of readiness– over to an authorized person. I’m on duty, she’s on duty. OF COURSE it’s loaded.
    B. “(Suggesting it was cocked and off of safe when he handed it over)“ The Beretta M9 is a conventional double action pistol. It may be safely carried with chamber loaded, hammer down, and safety off.
    C. She doesn’t check the pistol’s state? The Beretta M9 and the entire 92-series have a loaded chamber indicator subject to both visual and tactile inspection. Similarly, any user can feel the position of the safety/decocker lever.

    4. Both Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and the Marine are clearly wearing ear plugs on the range. I don’t get a clear look at Officer David’s ears. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. (And maybe Mossad training doesn’t stress ear protection?)

    5. “She then proceeds to do a very unsafe-looking job of clearing the weapon, in that she left the firing lane before doing so.” This is indeed the best point you make, and I agree fully, sir. I’d have felt better if she’d simply decocked the pistol and handed it back fully loaded, or else cleared it while pointing down range.

    Good clip. Entertaining and stimulates discussion.


  10. Hallelujah, Jim! Keep it pointed downrange, you dumbskull! I don’t care how “hot” she is.

  11. totwtytr said

    I’m with Jim on this one. Poor range safety just helps perpetuate the myth that guns and shooters are inherently unsafe. Hot babes are a dime a dozen on TV, good technique is almost never seen.

  12. Jim said

    For the record, I’m all for the idea of everyone having the freedom to own and carry a firearm for their own protection. What concerns me is TV shows showing people handling them in an unsafe manner; for some people this might be their only safety training, and I’d hate to see an article where some moron hurt someone and then said, “but I saw it on TV.” That would just be another thing the hoplophobes could use in their cause.


  13. Jim said

    Also, Double – have the decency to not make assumptions about who I am or how I feel about guns. Further, please don’t call me “son,” it is impolite for a number of reasons.


  14. dr mac said

    It was TV. It was fun. Thanks Lissa.

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