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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Lissa on February 14, 2009

What Mike got me for Valentine’s Day:


What I got Mike for Valentine’s Day:


We make a good couple, do we not?  🙂

4 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Jay G. said

    What? No bacon?!?!?!?

  2. Brad K. said

    Ah, Lissa, it looks like a match made in Heaven. And “Ironman”, no less!

    Blessed be!

  3. Mike said

    It was really touching. I had to delete Ironman from the “saved for later” section of my Amazon shopping cart.

    And, never fear, I did have bacon yesterday. And today. And I get two more days of bacon because I’ll get to take part in the Courtyard breakfast buffet the next couple days! The room rate included breakfast vouchers, so I don’t have to feel the least bit guilty (unlike my last such stay) with getting a $14 breakfast on the company’s dime. If I make it to Wednesday or so I might hit a non-cruise personal best for most consecutive days with bacon.

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