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“We can’t afford to do nothing”

Posted by Lissa on February 13, 2009

But apparently we can afford to do this:


Not that I’m worried.  I plan to take home the leftovers from the wedding reception and plant them in the park across the way.  I anticipate with great relish the blossoming and harvesting of the Lobster Pot Pie Orchard.  (Anyone have a spare Glock I can plant?  And some ammo?)

What?  If money grows on trees, why not the rest?

(h/t Ace)


3 Responses to ““We can’t afford to do nothing””

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    Ahhhhhh, so she wants a grock. goooooog goooood, I approve. I’m currently look for a G19 seedling, if anyone knows where they are.

  2. Mike said

    While I agree with the general premise of that graph, I think it’s really misleading to include TARP. Unlike the “temporary stimulus” it really was temporary and was used to buy assets that are ikely to earn a return much greater than the cost of capital! Most of the other new spending is permanent and useless. By the way, the Treasury’s preferred shares in banks pay 7.7% interest for five years, followed by 13.8% thereafter, which is why many banks want to repay the money as soon as they can.

    Sure, it also gives Barney Frank pretext to meddle more in banking than he should, but he didn’t need TARP to do that when he created the subprime boom.

  3. Ted said

    Actually, I believe that the Glock tree only flowers in a greenhouse. It’s a hot-house plant, at least in this growing zone.

    Plant a 1911. They’re hardier, and a cold winter will make them flower extra. Like Rhododendrons.

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