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Boo-yah, Granny!

Posted by Lissa on February 13, 2009

Age is nothing.  Attitude is everything:

The schoolgirl was surprised to discover her victim, a former All England Schools championship sprinter, still had a turn of pace – at the age of 72.

As Mrs Hirst gave chase, she soon began to close on the culprit who was forced to throw down the bag in her desperation to escape.  [snip]

When Mrs Hirst returned to the car, the other girls apologised for their friend’s actions and she decided against calling the police.

She added: “I just told them to choose their friends more carefully. There was no way I could detain them and at the end of the day I was just glad I had my bag back.”

Mrs Hirst, who has two grown up children, was later rebuked by her daughter who told her the girl could have had a knife or turned aggressive.

She added: “I didn’t think of my safety, but I did pay for it a little the next day. I was covered in aches and pains and my daughter turned to me and said it was because I didn’t warm up properly.”

I’d have liked the story even BETTER had the little twerp gotten visited by the police.  However, I have every hope that her friends and enemies will torment her for being such a wimp that a lil’ ol’ lady whupped her ass in the footrace.

Brava, Mrs. Hirst!

(h/t The Corner)


2 Responses to “Boo-yah, Granny!”

  1. kushibo said

    I thought the daughter’s line about warming up was rather amusing.

    In situations like this, I think instinct just takes over and we go after our attackers (or find a tree to hide behind). Once in Seoul when I thought a man had grabbed my then-fiancée’s bag, I chased him for a good half klick or so before I realized he didn’t have anything of hers (it turned out the reason she was yelling profanity at him is that he’d grabbed her ass and then started to run when he saw me come out of the building she’d been standing in front of).

    I’d like to think my instincts have a mental override, though. Back in California, chasing after someone like that would be a good way to get yourself shot or stabbed. I’m not so sure that’s true in rural Derbyshire.

    More power to her. My mom’s about the same age as this woman and she still plays volleyball and regularly bikes the twelve miles to the beach (and then bikes back after carbo-loading at Ruby’s on the pier). She might not be able to chase down a pursethief, but I’d like to think if she cornered him/her she could kick their ass.

    Oh, and the 1954 Nottinghamshire County Schools 100 yards champion so totally should have alerted the bobbies on this one. It’s doubtful this girl is doing it for the first — or last — time.

    BTW, I wandered over here through the Marmot’s Hole link to the Miley Cyrus post. Interesting blog.

  2. Maggie said

    I love this!

    Concur – Brava, Mrs. Hirst!

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