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As an officially bi-racial Asian-American Woman I would like to say . . .

Posted by Lissa on February 12, 2009

 . . . for godsakes shut the hell up, you stupid bint.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles woman, Lucie J. Kim, has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all Asian Pacific Islanders living in Los Angeles County. And she’s seeking quite a payout: $4 billion.

In the controversial photo, Cyrus, 16, is shown sitting on her boyfriend Justin Gaston’s lap surrounded by a group of friends all making a stereotypical gesture by pulling their eyes into a slanted position. The gesture is commonly thought to be offensive to Asian Pacific Americans.

For the record – I would like to sue Lucie J. Kim for fifty cents.  That’s the amount it will cost to replace my yogurt, which I just threw up in my mouth.


(h/t Michelle)

UPDATE: Hsoi and The Marmot Hole linked.  Thanks!

13 Responses to “As an officially bi-racial Asian-American Woman I would like to say . . .”

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  2. Jennifer said

    As a 1/4 Asian Pacific Islander mutt, I would like to join in your lawsuit. I would like to sue Lucie Kim for making me look like a jackass by association. And she’s racist for assuming that I agree with her due to a shared ethnicity.

  3. vickie said

    Who should grow up is the people trying for the lawsuit. People make faces. It is not as if she were making a racially offensive statement regarding another race. Should people making cross eyes be sued by crossed eyed people? Should people making their lips poke out and look rather large be sued by…oh let’s say Angelina Jolee,(by the way she is absolutely gorgeous), should someone who makes their cheeks blow way out be sued by big cheeked people? Come on. What are we to become? Statues? Robots? Wait until the robots start making fun of us! We’ll be sued by them for imitating their expressionless faces. Have a nice day,

  4. Jane said

    I’m from Kentucky orginally, now in Tennessee. Whom can I sue for making fun of hillbillies and Southerners? Who wrote the Beverly Hillbillies? Who’s responsible for mocking us in movies, TV, books,etc.? Almost everytime there’s a less-than-bright character in a story, he/she’s always a Hillbilly and/or Southerner. We’re accused of everything from inbreeding (you know, like the Royal Family) to carrying shotguns everywhere we go (the only shotgun I’ve ever seen has been on TV crime stories.) WHOM DO WE SUE? Any lawyers out there willing to take MY case?

  5. Jay G. said

    Hey, I’m Italian and I’m neither a mafia hit man nor a genial cook.

    Who do I get to sue?

  6. secretlivesofscientists said

    Also as a 1/4 Asian Islander mutt (Philipines), I’d like to say “sup homie” to Jennifer. Oh, and yeah, what a dumb fucker. Kinda reminds me about when that b**** in our hometown who shall remain unnamed organized that protest of West Side Story for publicity under the guise that it mischaracterized latinos in a negative manner. To quote Tatiana, “stupid ***** isn’t even from Puerto Rico!” And then Mr. Murray left😦.

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  8. ROK Hound said

    Really, what’s worse: an immature teenager making a face, or a senior Senator using the word “gook”? I don’t see a stampede to sue McCain.

  9. John said

    Hey, as a redhead, I am just sick to death of all the geeks, losers, idiots, and nerds in mass media that are redheads. It’s racism. Who do I sue? Ralph Mouph, carrot top, that Dell guy, the list goes on and on….

  10. Lissa said

    [This comment was left on my “About” page; I moved it because it belongs here. — Lissa ]


    Im a bit concerned about how you so quickly jumped on this woman of asian decent. Would you have done this because they are black. All other ethnic backgrounds have had struggles from the Irish to Italians, but that is what makes America.

    Racial equality is what we strive for, which the reason some of the most civil rights activist have risen to an Iconic status. I would challenge you to evaluate you view and ask yourself if maybe you were premature in your statement.

    I am an Asian American and have been here in the United States since 1966 when I was born. I grew up in several different states because my father was in the Army. ( I believe this information is necessary to underscore my experience. From this point no problems…we lived in George, Maryland and then Indiana, which is all I can remember. My Father retired from the Army in 1978. Then we settled into a small home in North Central Indiana which my Father had purchased a while back and then between duty assignments would rent it out…which was a mistake. The house was wreck when we came back as you can imagine. Despite the difficulties this was ” Home ” so from here I went to a local elementary school which from my recolection did not have any bad situations until I got into JR. High and High School which was another story altogether.

    I was called boat people, refugee, chinc, jap, ect. It was a fight everyday. What would you expect from an offspring of someone from the vietnam war to marry an asian woman and then settle in a midwest state that is predominately American ” Union ” automakers. Not to mention the fact that it is just a few years after the war.

    I then went on and graduated from High School, went into the Army myself, got out and the pursued being and Officer of the Local Police Department, which I did.

    During this time I was a Police Officer, It continued the racial slurs and comments. One in particular was… I was preparing for work one day, and at that time we ( the city of…. ) a rash of shootings on the north end. Not your typical type of shootings, but this was the type of automatic armor piercing shootings. They were going through vehicles and houses which jeopardized the safety of children and everyone in the neighborhood. So It was the decision of the City to acquire weapons which would meet firepower for firepower. We got them… I came to work knowing we had these weapons and went to the basement ( where our cars were, and fire range ) and notice the fire range door was open with the SWAT team inside with these new weapons. I then stood in the door way, not wanting to interupt, and someone said come on in. So I did.

    Having been in the Military and an enthusiast of weapons I stepped to one of the tables to which they were taking apart and putting back together one of these weapons. I then asked if I could hold one of them. One of them ( I wont mention names, but I can ) said ” sure go ahead ” I then picked up the weapon and then made sure it was not loaded. I then cocked the weapon and ” dry ” fired the weapon. A SGT. then made the comment ” Hey SGT … what does that remind you of ? ” He then began with a verbal imitation of a vietamese soldier. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    Long story short I made a complaint which did not go anywhere, after a few years I left that Department a short time later. I felt as though I was less than human.

    So if it makes you feel good to make another Human being feeling less than human then more power to you.

    Best of Luck
    and God Bless,


    • Anonymous said

      Why should what some idiots do make you feel less than human? You have control over how you feel…unless you cede control to them. I suggest you be less thin-skinned and just view them as the fools they are.

      And why should what fools say bother you?

      • whiteysarecrooks said

        if you take that tack, you will see why it’s stupid of people to criticize the lawsuit against cyrus. Lucie has every right to sue and nobody should feel outraged by it. As you said, you have control over how you feel. The person who thinks the lawsuit silly should “grow up” and deal with it.

        ~white man came and burnt down my tepee.

  11. ROK Hound said


    absolutely, Lucie has every right to sue for how Cyrus makes HER feel. She doesn’t have any right to sue for how an entire demographic feels.

    A class action suit on behalf of ALL Asian Pacific Islanders in LA? She does not speak for ALL Asian Pacific Islanders in LA. She speaks for HERSELF, and so the suit should be a PERSONAL lawsuit, not a Class Action (in which case no one wins but the lawyers).

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