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Snort of the Day

Posted by Lissa on February 11, 2009

Regarding the new (moronic) Born Again Americans:

Fittingly, the acronym for this new organization is BAA — perfect for the sheeple that join it.

If you voted for Barack, that’s fine. (I am curious, though, how happy you are with his government so far; are you surprised? I’m not.) But that’s an entirely different matter from pinning your “Americanism” on the person who happens to be living on Pennsylvania Avenue.

If you’re only glad to be an American when YOUR guy has won, what does that say about your patriotism? Hell, what does it say about your definition of “loyalty” in general? Would you abandon your favorite sports team because you don’t like their new GM?


UPDATE: Bruce linked.  Thanks!

2 Responses to “Snort of the Day”

  1. Bruce said



  2. […] It’s also my very humble opinion that the current leadership in Washington is more, not less, likely to respond to a nuclear provocation by completely annihilating the ten square miles surrounding the leaders’ compound.  Whereas John McCain saw first-hand, for several years, the horror of war, Barack Obama has not.  I picture him more along the lines of President Fowler in The Sum of All Fears– knowing that he has messed up, he is desperate to avenge the blow to his pride and his country.  Furthermore, while McCain responding to a nuclear attack in kind would have ignited a firestorm of controversy and McCain Derangement Syndrome, I think Obama is more likely to win support from both sides of the spectrum — those on the Right who believe in defending our country, as well as those on the Left who are suddenly proud to be an American again. […]

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