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On Andy McCarthy/Morning conversations

Posted by Lissa on February 10, 2009

First, Andy McCarthy:

Yuval is absolutely right.  The two things that stuck out to me during the press conference were (1) how the esteemed White House press corps let Obama get away with this jive about “saving” four million jobs, and (2) how indiscrete Obama was regarding Biden, whom he obviously thinks is a goofball.

On (1):  In other words, we’re gonna spend $1.2 trillion (factoring in the interest … but not counting who knows how much more when the new spending floors for future budgets are factored in) and we may not “create” a single new job, but the “stimulus” will be a success if unemployment doesn’t get (much) higher.

And conversation from this morning:

MIKE: All that money to “save” four million jobs.  I wonder how they’re going to measure that.*

LISSA (not looking up from her Kindle): Think there will still be four million jobs left in a few years?

MIKE: Yeah . . . ?

LISSA:  Then those are the four million he saved.  The stimulus worked.

DISCLAIMER: I’m letting Mike drink most of the morning coffee and have been contenting myself instead with a glass of Cherry Coke Zero.  My memory is sleep-blurred and I therefore do not vouch for the word-by-word accuracy of this conversation, only the gist.  Sweetie, feel free to chime in with your own recollection 🙂


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