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Today’s feel-good post

Posted by Lissa on February 9, 2009

Because every Monday should come with a post that makes you feel better about yourself:


Have you ever been faced with a buffet so sumptuous — or at least so full of breakfast pastries — that you were paralyzed from not knowing where to start? That is how I feel right now. Do I begin with the workout pants? The boots, which look like she shot Fozzy Bear after mugging a stripper? Or the understated, tasteful corset? It’s a marvel of symbolism: the ruby navel, the gold chain flap dangling slightly north of where her natural-born Google would be… But nothing is quite so achingly subtle as the mammoth bejewelled pseudo-nipples that cover her actual skin-made ones. It’s like her Faberge egg hatched and she’s getting ready to breast-feed its spawn.

I attended the Ronald Reagan Presidential Ball in 2000, and that’s where I learned the valuable lesson that MONEY DOES NOT EQUAL TASTE.  I would watch, horror-struck, as women wearing expensive fur coats would remove their wrappings to reveal a poofy plaid skirt and cowboy boots.  Or a mid-thigh sequin-studded gold wrap designed to show each dollop of cellulite to its best advantage.  Or a dress festooned with buttons dangling from loops of thread — I can’t even GUESS what the effect was supposed to be. 

So there you go, dear readers.  You may not be rich, you may not be famous, but at least you would know better than to parade around wearing something that makes you look prepared to breast-feed Faberge egg spawn. 

And if that’s NOT the case . . . if you WOULD walk around wearing this . . . please don’t tell me.  The truth is just too painful.


One Response to “Today’s feel-good post”

  1. Brad K. said

    Colm Meany’s movie “The Snapper”. Tells his daughter, “You can’t go out dressed like that.”

    This picture makes me feel sorry the young lady didn’t grow up in a family with values, discipline, and compassion.

    I also think she is spending too much time with the wrong kinds of people.

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