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Kindle alert!!!

Posted by Lissa on February 9, 2009

The Wall Street Journal had an article about it, Amazon.com has changed their home page and the browser page for Kindle 2 is already crashing sporadically due to demand:

Amazon.com Inc. is announcing a new version of its Kindle e-book reader on Monday. And, in a sign that the electronic book is gaining clout in the publishing world, Amazon is also expected to say it has acquired a new work by best-selling novelist Stephen King that will be available exclusively, at least for a time, on Kindle.

Many publishers have long feared that Amazon would persuade a major author to write for its Kindle on an exclusive basis. Although retailers such as Barnes & NobleInc. have long published their own books, they have struggled to find distribution outside their own stores. But Amazon has already proven that it can sell as many Kindles as it can manufacture. Indeed, Amazon is working to overcome the supply problems that have plagued the device.

It’s not being released until February 24, but you can try and pre-order it, if you like.  I absolutely positively unequivocally adore mine; I’d recommend it to anyone who likes to read (and can afford an expensive toy). 

After all, being without a Kindle can cause you to have nightmares . . .

6 Responses to “Kindle alert!!!”

  1. Alan said

    I already pre-ordered one.

    If you read a lot, it’s not an expensive toy. You actually save money on books.

    • Lissa said

      You won’t regret it. I don’t know that I’ve actually saved money on books — I re-purchased a lot of books that I have in print form — but it’s just SO much more convenient for toting about and reading while on the train, drying my hair, etc. Have fun with it!

  2. Alan said

    LOL, I know I won’t regret it. I’ve had the first gen Kindle for almost a year.


  3. Joe said

    The Kindle does as well as can be expected without it being a touchscreen

  4. […] mentioned before that I’m a fan, for a myriad of reasons – it’s lightweight, it’s portable, you can buy books simply by […]

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