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I’m sure there was a good reason for this . . .

Posted by Lissa on February 6, 2009

… it’s just that I have NO idea what it could be.

Last night during dinner (reheated spaghetti with homemade sauce, an Italian sausage and a bison meatball, with a bit of veal parm* on the side) we watched the Iron Chef America Batali-vs-Laiskonis Chocolate/Coconut Battle.  I admit freely that, while I love Iron Chef, the show often baffles me — I cannot understand the appeal of, say, “carpaccio.”  Fleh.  And mousse made of anchovies??  ForGET it.

Last night, however, my puzzlement stemmed from a different source.  And this source is named Katrina Markoff.

The lady appears to be a reputable expert on chocolate.  She also appears to be quite attractive (as is pretty much a necessity for any female celebrity nowadays).

So explain this to me, please:

Why in the HELL was she wearing THIS??


Did I miss a memo?  Is it now a requirement for judges on Iron Chef America to wear garishly-decorated pajamas from the mid-eighties, topped with a sleeveless white deep-thoughts-type T-shirt and plastic beads?  Did I miss that memo?

Oh, and don’t forget to avoid washing your hair for a week or so.  That helps, too.

And she got to eat all that delicious chocolate, not I.  Thus the real reason for my bitterness.

*I’ve mentioned before my aversion to veal — I don’t mind that others eat it, but I’ve avoided it because baby cows are cute and I don’t like the thought of them chained down unable to move — not nice.  Mike worked around my prohibition by ordering us Meadow-RaisedVeal – they claim that “Calves develop naturally on New York’s lush pastures. They drink mother’s milk, graze freely, and flourish in the sunshine. Our veal is rosy in color, rich in flavor and tender as can be.”  Happy frolicking baby cows are apparently acceptable in LissaLand 🙂


One Response to “I’m sure there was a good reason for this . . .”

  1. Ted said

    I like Iron Chef America OK, but nothing beats the original Japanese version. I wouldn’t eat anything fixed on it, but it’s way cooler. Fish guts …

    I posted this a while back, just because. It might be fun to do an update using Alton Brown voice-overs, but I’m way to lazy.


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