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Looking Glass News 2-4-09

Posted by Lissa on February 4, 2009

McCain can’t hack it, runs away:

President McCain may have allegedly suffered mistreatment during his years as a prisoner of war, but he is proving anew that his courage has dissipated with age.

In the midst of his tumultuous third week — marred by his disastrous nominations of three well-known Republican tax cheats to cabinet positions — McCain simply ran away.

The grizzled old man stated publicly that this trip was a planned outing, though the convenient timing threw serious doubt on that explanation.  It is more likely that McCain did not feel equal to the task of taking questions from any harder audience than seven-year-olds.

Helen Thomas was among the reporters to deride McCain for his cowardly retreat.  “First Bush reads to children for seven minutes while the towers fall.  Next, his successor — Bush the Third, really — can barely take questions for seven days before running off to play with children.  It would be funny, really, if it weren’t such a damning black mark on his young-yet-old administration.” 

*Usual disclaimer:  Anything particularly wrong with the Obamas visiting kids?  No.  Sure, it’s a gaggingly-sweet kiss-the-baby type stunt — but that’s what politicians of EVERY flavor do.  I only note that, had McCain done the exact same thing — stating “We were just tired of being in the White House” and “We got out! They let us out!” — I don’t think it would be received with the awwww-how-cute! treatment the Obamas are getting.

UPDATE: Seraphic Secret’s take:

“He’s acting like a kid being let outside for recess. Who is the ‘they?’ He is the ‘they.’ He is the President, the ultimate authority in this country, not a kid rebelling. He’s not a child of the 60’s anymore. Doesn’t he understand that?”

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