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75 days and counting

Posted by Lissa on February 2, 2009

Seventy-five days.  Two and a half months.  That’s long enough to get everything done, right?  So what if I haven’t yet hired a DJ or a florist or ordered invitations or figured out wedding favors or hired a transportation shuttle — I can finish that up within the next ten days, right?


I know I’m getting worried because I’m starting to have dreams about wedding screw-ups.  In last night’s version, we had a serious wardrobe malfunction — apparently the MX Tux people messed up and didn’t deliver any tuxes for Mike or his groomsmen.  Yay!  So, in my dream, I was waiting at the top of the aisle in my decadent confection of a wedding gown, waiting and waiting and waiting . . .until Mike and his men finally marched down the aisle to meet me.  All of them attired in polo shirts, shorts and sandals.  (I’m getting married in April, you know.  Obviously my subconscious has a high opinion of the stoicism and weather-hardiness of my fiance and his friends.)

You might be interested to know that, in my dream, I shrugged my shoulders and told him to get dressed after the ceremony, then went full-steam-ahead to the vows 🙂

I suppose it makes more sense than my LAST wedding nightmare, in which — Oh-the-Horrors! — I forgot to pack my Kindle for my honeymoon.  That dream involved a lot of intricate planning on how my mother needed to break into my apartment and retrieve my Kindle so that she could overnight it to my hotel in New York before I left for the airport the next day. 

In other words, the quietly-freaking-out is quietly accelerating and beginning to make itself known in my subconscious . . .

P.S.  I’m not at all worried about the wardrobe stuff.  Mike’s nice parents bought him a tuxedo for Christmas, so we’re all set 🙂

P.P.S.  As always,  a shout out to my older sister, who is single-handedly duck-taping my head onto my neck, lest I run about like a decapitated chicken.  Because we all know that duck tape can fix anything.  If you can’t duck-it . . .  elope!!

8 Responses to “75 days and counting”

  1. Alan said

    Well, being without the Kindle would be a nightmare.


    • Lissa said

      Oh I know. I don’t have nightmares about job layoffs, or robberies, or people dying, noooo — I fear being without my electronic book.

      Not that I’d want more interesting nightmares, but it all seems rather pathetic 🙂

  2. Ted said

    Just remember, we all went crazy before our weddings. You probably won’t have a different experience – it comes with the territory.

    But then you end up with someone worth ending up with. 😉

  3. Jay G. said

    74 days now…


    (Hey, that means I only have 73 days to get you a fondue set…)

  4. Jennifer said

    Lissa, I have nightmares/dreams about the wedding and honeymoon almost every day, so don’t worry. And you can definitely find a DJ, florist, etc all in a few days. It will be a busy few days, but definitely feasible. 🙂

    Again, let me know if there’s anything I can do… I better book my flight soon!

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  6. […] Besides seriously lacking a sense of geographical scale — and the hellishly hellacious hell which is international customs — my subconscious mind is obsessed with trivialities. I dwelt feverishly on my lack of tall socks (but decided I could get away with booties under my hiking boots — ouch) and the possibility of snow getting down my pants (which was solved by packing long sleeveless undershirts). Oh, and I was most definitely concerned about remembering my Kindle. This seems to be a theme lately. […]

  7. […] to my choir dress rehearsal when I realized I’d left my Kindle at home.  (AAUUGGGHHH!  Nightmares!!)  Peeved, but resigned, I stopped by CVS to buy an Economist for rehearsal downtime and the […]

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