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What. The. ****

Posted by Lissa on January 30, 2009

I have no words to express how absolutely disgusting, humiliating, shameful, reprehensible, worrying and abhorrent this is.  (Safe link; it includes a great photoshop for the idiots who find this crap appealing.)




Someone, please, tell me this is a hoax.  Would you chalk this up to A) bad taste, B) historical idiocy, C) just plain idiocy, D) all of the above?

Holocaust denial is bad enough, though I won’t support censorship of such views due to First Amendment rights.  But to CUTESIFY IT?

Please excuse me while I go heave up my lunch.

(h/t Seraphic Secret)

5 Responses to “What. The. ****”

  1. OrangeNeckInNY said

    The words “Hell” and “Handbasket” comes to mind…

  2. Jeff said

    The first one has the swastika the wrong way round.

    It’s really too bad the Nazi’s co-opted the symbol and associated it with unspeakable evil. From a purely graphical perspective, it’s a great logo.

    All that said, the happy Hitler imagery is disturbing. I’ve long since given up on expecting Japanese fashion and pop-culture to make sense, but this crosses the line.

  3. Brad K. said

    I am sure that Adolph Hitler was misunderstood and underappreciated. And I am thankful that I don’t know anyone that worries about that.

  4. Breda said

    heh. the little doll would be a very cute teletubbie-esque target

  5. JD said

    Ya, he would look good as a tubbie stand in for the next shoot. . . . I just don’t want to support the idiot that made it with any $$$

    I wonder what color the stuffing is. . . a few AK rounds should answer that question nicely. . .

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