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The Yoplait campaign – am I missing something?

Posted by Lissa on January 27, 2009

I’m happily noshing my humble breakfast of a hard-boiled egg and a Yoplait Light when I notice the print on the yogurt’s foil lid:


In case the print is too small, it reads: 


General Mills will donate 10¢ per Seal (Lid) up to $275,000 to Feeding America(TM) for each Pound for Pound Seal (Lid) received by 12/31/09.

Mail clean Seals (Lids) to:
Pound for Pound Challenge
P.O. Box 400013
El Paso, TX 88540-0013


So you want me to spend 42¢ on a stamp to mail you a used yogurt lid, after which you will donate 10¢ to a morass of bureaucracy and PR crap such that maybe 5¢ actually goes toward feeding hungry folks and their kids.  Maybe.

And this is preferable to spending fifty cents on a can of peas and donating it to the local food shelter . . . how??

P.S.  Seals = Lids.  Thanks.  I got it the first time, dude.

2 Responses to “The Yoplait campaign – am I missing something?”

  1. Brad K. said


    I think you are supposed to save up a month or two of the lids (two months would likely be 200 lids, if Youplait called it, or 50 if you just have one for breakfast, and miss a couple of days).

    But I don’t like fund raising. Like all product promotions – it is a product promotion. If they wanted to donate, they would. If you wanted to donate, you would.

    Only, don’t be surprised if the 40 cent can of peas is about 73 cents now.

  2. Terry D. said

    I’m not suggesting you go out and buy the product but if you’re already buying the product why not mail the lids and do some good? It takes LOTS of lids to hit 1 oz. for a first class letter.

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