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Day 1 of a Brave New World

Posted by Lissa on January 21, 2009

Or is it Day 2?  Has it been a full twenty-four hours yet?  I woke up this morning and I was still tired and my hair is frizzy, so apparently the magical marshmallow-pooping unicorns have not yet come up to full power.  (Of course, as an Evil Conservative, perhaps I don’t get access to magical marshmallow-pooping unicorns.  Hmph.)

No, I did not watch the inauguration festivities yesterday; my gag reflex is often triggered by politicians being all politician-y.  I wouldn’t have watched if it were McCain, either, in case you’re wondering.  Anyway, it’s not like my boss gave me the day off.  I wonder how many college professors dismissed classes yesterday?

It’s interesting to think how the political climate will affect the “yoot’ vote” bloc.  There are a number of us who politically came of age in the era of 9/11; what will it be like to come of age in The Age of Obama?  I touched on the idea in this post:

The young college folks who turned out just to vote for Obama will actually watch the news for the next four years and become disillusioned with politics.  The sooner that disillusionment happens, the better.  There is no Santa Claus and politicians are, in large part, closely related to microbes.

 It might happen.  The libertarian in me certainly hopes it will; the idea that government can efficiently fix anything important (let alone EVERYTHING, both important and microscopic) is what’s responsible for nanny-statism.  Unfortunately, I have absolutely zero faith in a fair press to hold Obama’s feet to the fire when he makes a mistake.  I think that even if Obama makes a rather serious miscalculation (and BTW I hope he does NOT; I hope his presidency goes very smoothly) the reaction will not be, “Our Guy isn’t perfect; look how he has screwed up.”  I think the more likely reaction from the press will be, “Well, he’s not a Republican, and one of those cockroaches would have done something far worse, so I don’t care.  Me against my brother; my brother and I against my cousin; my cousins and I against a different tribe; and everyone together against Republicans and Sarah Palin.  God I hate that b*tch.” 

Wait and see, I suppose.

President Obama, lots of good luck to you.  I hope that our country remains free from foreign attack, that our economy recovers quickly, and that you grow the size of government less than President Bush did in the last eight years.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed — but I won’t hold my breath.


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