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She doesn’t look a day over 105

Posted by Lissa on January 13, 2009

One of the reasons I can’t watch “America’s Most Wanted” (as well as a bunch of other shows) is that I can’t STAND “dramatic reinactments.” When the TV-dudes spend twenty minutes creeping around pretending to be the guy who disappeared, or was mauled, or ate a live turkey — complete with scary music, dark lighting and occasional slow-mo — I flip the channel. It’s just one of those things that irritate me.

Unless, of course, it’s SO badly done that it becomes hysterically funny.

From the “No sh*t, Sherlock!!” department I give you the dramatic reinactment of the 107-year-old virgin now shopping for a groom:


The caption reads “Spinster Wang Guiying, aged 107, wants to marry a younger man to look after her (picture posed by models)” 

(Well, at least she looks kinda half-Asian-ish . . . )

(h/t Cold Fury)


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