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96 days

Posted by Lissa on January 12, 2009

How on earth did that happen? How did the time pass so quickly?

I have serious, SERIOUS problems with procrastination. It’s one of my most problematic character flaws and one that I will probably battle for the rest of my life. In college, more often than not I started papers the night before they were due. (So sorry, Cranky and Miss Kitty!) A well-planned paper was one that I started TWO days before it was due. One of the reasons my expensive liberal arts education was not put to best use was that I studied for tests by memorizing all my class notes the night before the exam, the data to be promptly forgotten once I’d taken the test. (Sadly, this yielded good academic results, which encouraged me to continue the process.) Sure, I could be worse — I know a man who used to start his Christmas shopping on CHRISTMAS EVE — but whether it’s packing for a move, unpacking, planning a party or (AHEM AHEM) planning a wedding, I put off planning as long as possible.

I have 96 days until the wedding.


Luckily for me, my sister excels at this type of planning and she’s coming over tonight to build Excel spreadsheets with me, with details and soft deliverables and hard deadlines and other stuff. And I did already book the church, the reception hall (including caterers), and the organist; Mike bought a tux and I’ve bought a dress. We went to a MW Tux this past weekend and set up the groomsmen’s rentals (it’s going to cost more for each groomsman to RENT a tux than it is for most of the bridesmaids to buy one, wow!) and the bridesmaids have their instructions on what type of dresses to get and all the people from the wedding party have reserved their hotel rooms. So I think, I *THINK*, that this will be manageable and okay.

But please, don’t be surprised if I start hyperventilating. Or if blogposts in a few months are reduced to sporadic posting of “AAAAAAUAUUUUGGGGHGHHHH!!”

UPDATE:  Okay, I *swear* I didn’t read Rachel’s post till after mine was published.  I try not to read blogposts until I’ve posted — kind of like making sure I’ve eaten salad before I get meat, or dinner before I get dessert.  So it wasn’t un-hat-tipped stealing, really; we just seem to be on the same wave length.  Only I’ve got about sixty-six days longer than she does 😉


3 Responses to “96 days”

  1. Breda said

    Two words: “delegate” and “booze”

  2. Jennifer said

    Time certainly flies….
    Not sure if I can do anything from WI, but let me know if I can help.

  3. Lissa said

    Breda – I think I’ve got that down(hooray!). My older sister’s doing everything she can to help, and the reception package includes four hours of open bar. Bliss.

    Wisconsin Jen – thanks! You’re the only friend of mine who has planned a wedding, so I will certainly keep you on speed-dial 🙂

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