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Omigod, it’s VDH!!

Posted by Lissa on January 10, 2009

Victor Davis Hanson is, of course, a learned historian.  A writer for Pajamas Media, and The Corner, and his own private publications.  A unapologetic defender of classical liberal ideals and the best of what makes America, America.  A knowledgeable and respected historian.

And he’s on the Special Features section of 300.


(I knew I like that movie . . .)

UPDATE:  (still watching)  Cute historian chick (Bettany Hughes) says, “They loved coming out with these really swift, really cute put-downs.  When Leonidas is fighting at the battle of Thermopylae, the Persian emperor asks the Spartans to put down their weapons [cut to movie), ‘Spartans!  Lay down your weapons!’] and Leonidas says, ‘hey, just come and and get them from us,’ he goes, ‘ Molon Labe.  It’s a great moment.”

Gee . . . why do I think I’ve heard that term before???  🙂

One Response to “Omigod, it’s VDH!!”

  1. Ted said

    It’s a very interesting film – it doesn’t really try for “historical accuracy” but succeeds at historical accuracy where it counts.

    More good commentary (from a Greek Anthropologist) here:


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