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Rajah versus The Solstice

Posted by Lissa on December 31, 2008

Thank you, LilBro 1 and LilBro 2.  Thank you for asking Jenny what Mike would like.  Thank you for listening to her advice about how he loves all things mechanical and remote-controlled.  Thank you for providing The Kitty Den with the unutterably wicked and gleeful delight that we have captured here:

P.S. Please, please don’t sic PETA on me.  We love our kitty.  That’s why we humiliate him and post the record for the world to see.  It makes perfect sense, does it not?

8 Responses to “Rajah versus The Solstice”

  1. sevesteen said

    I laughed loud enough that my wife had to come watch…She laughed too.

    Reminds me of the first couple days we had our Roomba. We learned that it wasn’t a good idea to start the Roomba before we had the leashes on the dogs.

  2. Alan said

    Cats are so funny.

  3. Breda said

    Zoos call this sort of thing “enrichment.”

    • Lissa said

      Glad everyone else is LOLing, too!! My sister called me up laughing hysterically as she watched it over again. Lucky for me, my cat is not as creative as her kitty — when Jake gets mad at Jenny, he purposely crawls under her comforter and pukes between her sheets

    • Lissa said

      Thanks Breda! Next time Mom accuses me of torturing the cat, I’ll explain I’m just “enriching” his life 🙂

  4. Jenny said

    Okay seriously – I still can’t stop watching the video and laugh hysterically every damn time. Thank goodness Jake isn’t very perceptive, otherwise he would have realized I’ve peed myself about 20 times today. Yay remote control car!!!

  5. Jay G. said

    And as a bonus, we get to hear Lissa laugh like a tickled hermit!

  6. Dad said

    Now I don’t feel so bad about ordering the iRoomba… 😉

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