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In which I shamelessly bait my cat

Posted by Lissa on December 19, 2008

As well as shamelessly cat-blog.  This should surprise no one.

Rajah (my beloved, attractive, dumb-as-a-sack-of-bricks kitty) has a very bad habit:  he likes to bite me.  He’s not vicious, at all, but he YEARNS to nom on his mommy.

I have a very bad habit of my own.  I like to allow him to TRY to bite me, because he cries when I rebuff him, and his sweet, sweet cries of anguish — well, pique and angst and burning desire, anyway — I find hysterical.  You will too, trust me.


4 Responses to “In which I shamelessly bait my cat”

  1. Brad K said

    You know, if that was at my house, and that was one of my barn cats (except Patch), I would assume that the four-legger was complaining that the two-legger (me) was late for feeding time.

    Otherwise I really don’t see the cats about.

  2. Breda said

    Oh, cats are so clever. He knows it’s a game. And, wow – he could be my Ronan’s twin.

    • Lissa said

      Does Ronan have a very long body and an undersized head? I don’t know why Rajah’s a pinhead. He’s shaped like an iceberg.

  3. Man, I’m hardly a cat-guy, but DAMN that’s funny!

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