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Al Gore is a welsher, a pansy and a cheapskate

Posted by Lissa on December 18, 2008

To quote Mike:  “But what about my global warming?  Al Gore PROMISED me!!”



Needless to say, this might put a tiny crimp in Shoothouse Barbie’s plans to come stay with me this weekend.  Also, I’m going out on a limb and guessing that Strong-arm Jones’ (love the nickname) plan to arrive at Logan Airport in the wee hours of Saturday morning is f*cked six ways to Sunday.

(Veronica Corningstone voice) “You have broken my heart, Mr. Gore.  You have BROKEN my HEART.”

If I don’t post all weekend, it’s either because 1) the entire city of Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods have lost power, we’re huddled in Foxboro Stadium and we’re LITERALLY STARTING TO EAT EACH OTHER, or . . . 2) I’ll have guests and usually don’t post on the weekends anyway.  One of those two, for sure.

To my fellow New Englanders . . . WHY, exactly did we sign up for this again?  (Besides, of course, escaping spoonbread.  Nasty stuff, that!)

UPDATE: Tam points out that “any weather is good training weather!”  I don’t disagree (although even if I did, would I be stupid enough to argue gunnieship with Tam?  Ha!) . . . and so, the question becomes:  If it were really cold outside and you licked your gun, would your tongue stick to it? 🙂

6 Responses to “Al Gore is a welsher, a pansy and a cheapskate”

  1. Alan said

    Your tongue shouldn’t stick because your gun’s been snuggled up next to you nice and warm all day. Right?

  2. Jennifer said

    I got out of Wisconsin for the holidays just in frickin’ time. 🙂 Jeff is very annoyed though… he got 6 inches of snow on Tuesday, 12-18 more tonight and tomorrow, and 6 more on Sunday. He doesn’t leave for PA until Tuesday night.

  3. Jay G. said

    Even if the gun’s not warm from being next to you, it should have a thin layer of oil to protect the surface from rust, anyways.

    And RemOil tastes horrible. Err, um, not that I was testing your theory. ‘Cuz that would be weird… 😉

  4. mike w. said

    “If it were really cold outside and you licked your gun, would your tongue stick to it? ”

    Not if you shoot it first….

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