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Official LookingForLissa product endorsement

Posted by Lissa on December 11, 2008

‘Tis a cold, wet, miserable day outside!  Getting out of bed was a serious challenge, and NOT just because the cat laid claim to my lap and — clinging with all four paws and, I swear, his tail — refused to surrender his real estate.  What cares he if I need to drink coffee and shower and get dressed and go earn a living?  He’s convinced that the auto-feeder is now his bottomless sustenance provider; all I’m good for is a warm place to sleep.  So, as usual, I whined from the bedroom until Mike (personius A.M.-us psychoticus) kindly scooped up the kitty and directed my blind, stumbling steps toward the fresh coffee. 

Speaking of stumbling, I sprained my dignity last night.  (‘If you have some liniment I’ll put it on my dignity,’ Mrs. Whatsit said, still supine. ‘I think it’s sprained.’)  I was dashing through the rain last night, nearly at the T station, when I remembered that I had an errand to run at CVS — I was supposed to go browsing for huge, oversized Christmas cards (my 94-year-old grandmother is having some trouble with her sight).  I made the sad, sad mistake of trying to collapse an umbrella AND walk at the same time . . . you all see where this is going.

Sure enough, the wheelchair ramp I THOUGHT I was walking down was, in fact, two feet to my left.  In its place was a drop, magically magnified to roughly six feet high (okay, maybe it was more like four inches) and I stumbled into space, staggering forward two steps as I frantically tried — and failed — to regain my balance, before measuring my length into the wet, dirty street.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a busy street; I’d be a smear on the bumper of some bus at this point.

Speaking of points — I did have one!  To continue our discussion of hose, I’d like to give an Official LookingForLissa Product Endorsement to L’eggs Sheer Energy.  That stuff is TOUGH, man.  I scratched up my shin and scored some serious road rash on my knee, and yet my hose did not spring a single run.  (Men — that’s the equivalent of getting a concussion-worthy knock on the head and having your baseball cap emerge in pristine condition.) 

By the way — is there any more superficial wound that causes such pain as road rash and rug burns?  Paper cuts and lemon juice are but kisses and marshmallows in comparison; they don’t make you wince in the shower the next day. 

Almost Friday, everyone!  Hang in there!


3 Responses to “Official LookingForLissa product endorsement”

  1. Ted said

    Just saw a bunch of L’Eggs stuff on sale by the checkout at Sudbury Farms supermarket last night.

  2. Lissa said

    Such a pity they don’t use plastic eggs anymore; folks younger than me must be mystified at that scene in Robin Hood: Men In Tights

  3. secretlivesofscientists said

    Elektra is easy to get off the bed in the morning – probably because she doesn’t have an autofeeder. All you have to do is mumble “food”, or her name, and she’s up. Sleeping, however, is another issue, especially for me, since I take her spot on the bed, which doesn’t make her a happy panda. Her solution is to wedge her way between me and bf, or sleep on top of me. She’s next to impossible to rous after she falls asleep, and I’ve woken up bf more than once with the rocking of the bed and nearly yelling “off” in the middle of the night.

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