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Take THAT, Navy!

Posted by Lissa on December 9, 2008

After reading Cranky’s post I was desperate to find this commercial.  In honor of my West Point daddy — eat it, Navy!


4 Responses to “Take THAT, Navy!”

  1. Your Dad was WP?
    Next time you’re up here, remind me to show you my “West Point” button in my guy cabinet.
    I may be common, I dunno, but I like it…

  2. OBTW, you need to fix something on this page- there’s little white dots floating around on it (or maybe I need to stop drinking…)

  3. Lissa said

    That’s called “snow,” Mr. Doubletrouble 🙂 Tis an odious act of nature frequently found in New England. (And the best way to survive it is by drinking, so by all means continue!)

  4. Micheal said

    Can’t say I’d made that mistake,but it is a good reason not to drell like a midshipman near an Army fort.

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