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Good morning!

Posted by Lissa on December 5, 2008

Hello interwebz and dear readers!  I know I’ve been shamefully neglecting you of late; my deepest apologies.  Of course, I continually feel like I’m neglecting SOMEONE, so y’all are in good company 🙂

Between holiday stuff, and being obsessively buried in novels, and stuck on a repugnant project at work, and dealing with a chauvinistic *ssh*le in Japan, I’ve just had no energy for blogging lately.  Perhaps I’ll try to blog this weekend?

Since I’ve got no interesting words of my own to offer right now, I will instead gift you with one of the uglier pieces of fru-fru I’ve seen lately:

Hell's Bells

This incomparable beauty graces the flagstones in front of Faneuil Hall.  (shaking head)  And I thought *I* had a negative appreciation of the arts . . .

Oh, and here’s the half-wet pix I promised you yesterday:



Maybe next time I’ll make Mike stay in the bathroom and take pix during the bath.  I’d have to bribe HIM with treats too, as well as Rajah — he thinks I torture the cat too much — but I know his weakness for cookies 🙂

TGIF, y’all!

P.S. If I ever make it to Tokyo my first stop will be at this guy’s office to beat him over the head with a crowbar.  I’m not kidding.


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