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Because you can never have TOO much garlic

Posted by Lissa on December 3, 2008

Good morning all!  It’s getting very very chilly here in Lissaville and Boston; I dread the first snowfall like Rajah dreads baths.  Speaking of which, you will hardly be surprised to know that my kitty had, well, a sort of accident the other night.  I had him up on my lap clipping his nails — he gets a treat afterwards, so he really doesn’t mind — when this SMELL drifted up to my nose.  A STENCH, rather.  Pungent, sickly-sweet, musky, stinky . . . the unmistakable odor of cat urine.  Apparently Rajah peed on his paws.  Sigh.

Consequently, the cat was promptly scruffed and brought to the bathroom.  A sink-full of water and soap later (only one yowl, and no blood!) and we had a lovely fragrant kitty again.  (Fragrant in a GOOD way, that is; he was rather fragrant before, it is true.)  No harm, no foul — he was happy enough to pose for pix later; if they’re any good I’ll post one tomorrow.

Caught up in my fervor of righteousness — I BATHED THE CAT.  Hoo-ah! — I managed to make it to the gym this morning before work.  I think the secret is to NOT hit the snooze, even once; if I whack the clock and immediately jump out of bed, I can make it to the bathroom before my sanity kicks in.  (Dark.  Cold.  Warm, fuzzy blanket.  Warm, fuzzy kitty.  Surely just ten more minutes of sleep can’t hurt . . . ZZZZZZZZZ. . . .Holy [bleep] it’s seven-thirty!  AAAHHHH!)  I am in awe of folks like Jay who can wake up at 4:30 AM on a regular basis to work out; the mind boggles.

To top off my good behavior, I crock-potted a chicken with about forty garlic cloves before I left.  And not just the teeny-little wimpy cloves, oh no — we’re talking about the big, fat, mouthwatering, delicious garlic cloves that can repel vampires.  And politicians.  Although I do wonder how much of that is due to its magical monster-repelling properties, and how much is due to bad breath.  Ah well, that’s what mouthwash is for.

Happy Wednesday!  Happy nomming!


3 Responses to “Because you can never have TOO much garlic”

  1. Sevesteen said

    I think you are right on the snooze. I’ve tried various methods–two separate clocks, one across the room. I finally realized that all I get from a snooze is 9 minutes less sleep. I now set the alarm for when I need to be up, period. To break myself of the snooze habit, I have physically disabled the snooze on clocks.

  2. Lissa said

    How does one physically disable the snooze button? (Besides super-glueing a thumbtack to it, I mean.)

    Oh, and what IS your profile picture? I’ve squinted at it for a while now and all I can manage is a baby seal wearing a neck brace and sticking its tongue out. Somehow I don’t think that’s right . . .

  3. Jay G. said


    4:30 comes super early when you don’t go to bed until after midnight, too…


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