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For Rachel, because I’m an idiot

Posted by Lissa on December 2, 2008

And I can’t figure out how to make this show up in her comments.  All her pictures are copyrighted Rachel Lucas so I intend to take this post down as soon as she tells me how to fix it!


UPDATE: Oops!  Should have included Rachel’s original post, here.

UPDATE 2: I’ve got Rachel’s permission; the post stays! 

LOL, Lissa. I love it! No of course you have not violated anything, I just don’t want some weirdos out there taking my dog pics and posting them and saying look at “my” dogs. You know? You, my dear, can do whatever you like with them. To post one here, you would just enclose it in img tags – but frankly, the easiest thing would be to just take the entire code that is in the post on your site and copy that here! Should work. – Rachel

Okay, someone with Skillz (because I haz them not) — what are img tags?  If you can give instructions applying to WordPress your points are doubled!


3 Responses to “For Rachel, because I’m an idiot”

  1. Lissa, img are “image” tags …. as with all html tags, you have an opener (img) and a closer (/img). Between those you place the url of whatever image you want to have show up in your post …. so you would just type merrily along, and embed the graphic (demotivator) by adding (img) http://www.yoururlhere.com (/img) and the picture would MAGICALLY appear.

  2. Lissa said

    Okay cool! Thanks Pete, I’ll try that next time. In the meantime, I’m kinda enjoying the mini-Lucas-lanche 😉

  3. Grimmy said

    Here’s a page that explains it in long hand.

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